Diep Tran

Diep Tran is an instagram model, actress, and selfie taker located in LA. I have been finding a lot of attractive soon-to-be famous models on Instagram lately, and so I am bringing a few to you. There were a few professional photos but the site that carried them is down. Still, you can marvel at her classic beauty.




  1. Avatar of daznlover

    Toned, that’s a very fine body. Well, much more than fine, actually!
    She’s gorgeous, probably some magic surgery helped too. But it worked great!

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Very nice body and quite pretty, but her makeup and facial surgery gives her face an uncomfortably artificial feel in many of her photos.

  3. o'grady’s avatar

    I’m with you. great body, nice fakies, but that nose looks like it came off a robot. too bad, I bet her nose was perfect before she had some Beverly hills plastic surgeon touch it.

  4. Avatar of French

    I don’t know about this one….

    Her FB has quotes from John Lennon and has a well-deserved link about nurse Nina Pham- stuff I like…..then she has the usual garbage about designer handbags and materialism….

    She is pretty now, but would have stayed much prettier with her natural nose. Some of her friends are much more attractive to me.

    I really don’t know much about her. She just has the usual photos.

  5. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Yeah, the handbag stuff was a huge turn-off for me too. One of my rules in dating women is to avoid any with a Louis Vuitton handbag—yes, that rules out a lot of girls these days, but I think it’s a great way to gauge how materialistic they are (and how tasteful they are—to me LV bags look like something my grandmother would have carried in her younger days).

  6. Avatar of French

    Well said, Doc. The LV handbag is the materialistic kiss of death for me.

    I am close friends with a Taiwanese couple who travel to mainland China every year for vacation. They are well-off, and the wife always picks up two very nice handbag knock-offs (about $75 each) to give to friends back in the states. And she only uses knock-offs herself- never the “real” thing.

    She always tells me the reason why her and her husband are well-off is because they weren’t stupid enough to spend $2,500 on a handbag.

    I’ve dated enough Asian women with credit card debt, student loan debt, etc but with three or four LV handbags. It never ends well. No soul, no empathy, no financial management, only “me me me me”.

    Thankful that I can now detect this on the first date. I run…I run like I’m on fire.

  7. gunnar’s avatar

    plastic babe, no thanks

  8. kylesj’s avatar

    Hey…been lurking for years now but this post made me finally decide to leave a comment!

    I live in San Jose, California which has a huge Vietnamese population. I’ve dated some of the Vietnamese cafe girls and also lived with one Vietnamese gf for almost 6 yrs. There are many girls like Diep Tran here that seem so vapid and plastic. Breast implants are a given and nose jobs are quite common as well. I’m generalizing here of course but my experience is that they just don’t have much to offer beyond their looks(the appeal of which is obviously pretty subjective!), and more importantly they just aren’t very nice people.

    Everything is an image……talk about posers!!! French really hit it on the head with the whole ‘me,me,me’ attitude….and the credit card debt! Even under rudimentary scrutiny you’ll rapidly discover that they don’t possess any real material wealth, they just want everyone to think that they do! Kinda sad….and pretty gross!lol

  9. Avatar of French

    @kylesj: Welcome aboard!

    Excellent observations, by the way: Everything is an image….

    From my own experiences, this seems more common with the Vietnamese community than with other Asian communities like Japanese, Chinese, or Filipinas.

    I have a cousin who owns a lot of the strip malls around San Jose, so he is the landlord for many of these Vietnamese cafes. His wife gives him STRICT orders when I visit them- under no circumstances am I allowed to exchange phone numbers with these girls- so he has to watch me. (God bless his wife!)

    I used to be powerless and stupid, then a friend had me sit down with a therapist who explained narcissism to me. Once I learned this type of personality, and learned to identify its traits- I can spot it and run like hell. And when I do meet a Vietnamese narcissist, God help the person who happens to be between me and the exit door at that moment.

    But that “not nice people” hit me….when they value material goods, and judge accordingly, they have no soul. They mistake kindness for weakness.

    Their loss….

    For some reason I am reminded of the movie, The Seven Samurai, or its American version, The Magnificent Seven….There is a line of dialogue in there that hits home. One hired fighter asks a well-known, usually well-paid fighter why he is now fighting on behalf of these very poor villagers- whom could only pay him a few dollars but offered their gratitude, honor, and the last of their food.

    He replied, “I’ve been offered a lot of money before, but I have never been offered everything”.

  10. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    French wrote:
    From my own experiences, this seems more common with the Vietnamese community than with other Asian communities like Japanese, Chinese, or Filipinas.

    This is my experience too, but mostly only in the case of Vietnamese Americans—less materialistic ones seem to prefer to live in Canada or (luckily for me) Australia.

  11. Avatar of French

    Doc is wise, and lucky….

    Plus in Oz they have THAT accent! (Ten bonus points right there)

    On my mother’s side and my father’s side, I have 1st cousins in two different cities in Australia. I HAVE to visit soon or they will disown me :)

    I’ll never leave Oz. I will be living there way past my tourist visa- waiting for The Man to deport me.