Bella Bee

Travis was kind enough to point me in the direction of Miss Bella Bee, a spicy treat from Thailand.

Bella has an Aussie link, as she calls Melbourne home, her website is hosted in Australia and she has graced the pages of illustrious men’s magazine Picture. She also has done some video work, and you can search her cam shows, plus she also has a very active Facebook page.

Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg
Bust: 86cm
Waist: 64cm
Hips: 89cm
Cup: DD
Dress: 6
Shoe: 7.0



  1. Avatar of IeatCows

    Reminds me of that Sai Tai Tiger porn starlet. Quite a body even with the overdone enhancements.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Damn, that Picture mag shoot is awful! They offered Sachiko to appear in it, but we knocked them back. I’m glad we did.

    Apart from that, I think she’s really quite sexy—although she’s Issarn Thai (who aren’t normally my taste), I think she pulls it off really well. And yes, I like the bolt-ons—I think they suit her.

  3. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    I can’t believe that Picture has survived so long. I guess they know their market.

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I like her look, I like her body, and the cleavage in that first photo took my breath away.

  5. j smith’s avatar

    I have always liked Thai girls and this Thai girl has a lot to like.

  6. Avatar of Daphne-Yana

    She have pure asian looking..and sexy breast…

  7. Avatar of French

    That first photo: I like that the bikini top strap can’t hug her body all the way down from her neck to her chest.

    Pamela Anderson used to have bikini top straps like that- I like that empty space. Flatter chested gals don’t have that empty space.

  8. Avatar of Basho

    I’m shallow. I make no apologies. But zoinks. That is one attractive lady.

  9. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    Nice observation French. The top’s ready to snap off and let those big orbs jiggle freely…

    Her boobs are magnificent–big, nice implant position so look perky, balanced, and capped off by those nipples…

  10. gunnar’s avatar

    not for everyone… not for me…

  11. Avatar of daznlover

    Pics #12 and #15 are amazing! Great toned and athletic body.
    Bella is very, very sexy. And she does cam shows too… that’s my favorite part. :)

  12. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I like that Isaan look. Som Tam in a dress!

  13. Avatar of ffnloveruk

    Beautiful to a point…..khob khun khrap