Her Fans Can’t Understand—Can You?

Zhang Yuqi‘s fans can’t understand why her director husband Wang Quanan would buy sex when she is so gorgeous. Can you? Personally, I don’t find this surprising at all—I can easily imagine a few possible reasons as to why he might want to do this, but I don’t want to preempt the discussion. So over to you! I’ll have my say once we’ve heard a few of our readers’ opinions.



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    She is really hot but we don’t and may never know the whole story.

    I’m not accusing either of anything but maybe she cheated first or maybe they had an open relationship. Maybe they didn’t have time for intimacy and he needed a release. Maybe they were already on the way out of their relationship.

    I know married guys that see prostitutes for a few reasons (I’m not condoning this behavior but these are the reasons I’ve heard): variety, the wife is too busy for intimacy or doesn’t want it enough, etc.

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    That’s a very superficial reasoning, thinking that just because his wife is beautiful, he would have anything he wanted, sexually.
    They could be having a marriage crisis. He could be a douchebag. She may not like sex (even if she’s beautiful). Maybe he wanted to fulfill some sexual fantasy. They could be having trouble enjoying sex together. And the list goes on.

    A beautiful woman doesn’t guarantee sexual satisfaction. In fact, the average ones try harder to satisfy a man and themselves, most of the time. And that counts a lot. So, since we don’t know what’s going on with their relationship, I wouldn’t criticize the guy before hand.

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    What you say is all true, Doc. Plus have you ever heard the expression “Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a man who’s sick of her shit”?

    There are countless reasons people stray. But I do wonder why he has to pay for it. Possible for the discretion. Maybe to assure it’s just sex and nothing else. Or perhaps he likes something particularly kinky, that is hard to find in the general population.

    I dated a beautiful woman who was, prior to our meeting, a dominatrix. She said some powerful men liked to be humiliated and told what to do. They didn’t want their wives or girlfriends to to that, though. They needed control in those relationships.

    I think the bigger question is what is she doing with an ogre like him?

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    Maybe he likes some freaky stuff on the side. I think to cheat is a pretty large leap but that is just a personal view. It seems the ‘minor wife’ is more accepted in some cultures. I imagine as a director you get some tempting offers.

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    Maybe she wouldn’t do oral sex – she wouldn’t have been the first wife that sent her husband to a hooker for that reason.

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    Maybe seeing what this prostitute looks like would shed a little more light on why he did it.

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    Not complicated at all. Everyone becomes ‘boring’ at some stage in a relationship. The rubber meets the road (no pun intended), when two people are able to see past the physical, into why they are together in the first place. If it was the ‘physical’ that brought them to the high place of marriage, then this unfortunate circumstance fits perfectly, as anything physical is passing in nature. Although the physical is certainly a factor in any budding relationship, it is not what keeps the union sound over the long distance.

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    They slammed him online saying that he was ugly and yet still dared to cheat.

    That line from the article surprised me. Are only good looking people allowed to cheat? This is as strange to me as the threats the How Can She Slap? guy received about his female relatives while he was getting beaten up.

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    Just because she’s beautiful does not mean she’s great in bed. Just sayin… ;-)

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    she married him for his relative fame and money and influence in chinese cinema, because she wants to become a famous actress in china which she is not, and she has no interest in sleeping with him. end of story.

    she is probably terrible in bed anyway… she looks like she is at best boring. many pretty, but unsufficiently sexy chinese women are like this. in all honesty, with my experience, i can confirm that chinese girls, including or especially pretty ones, are very lousy in bed. i do not recommend a chinese gf. of course there are exceptions ;) yet their approach to sex is way too conservative, and not kinky enough, in general.

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    Well it seems our commenters have got it covered. I find the attitude of Zhang Yuqi’s fans to be incredibly naïve, and I think demonstrates the huge gulf that remains between most men and women when it comes to sex, especially in more conservative societies. Perhaps the most interesting question is why pay for it instead of getting it for free, as someone in his position surely could have? It might surprise you to learn that I think he’s being honourable here: paying for it means no complications.

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    As the Doc said, when paying for it there are no complications and perhaps he thought a prostitute would be more discrete than a lover would be.

    I have to admit, though, that the thought has crossed my mind in the past upon similar revelations (Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley for one). I think it’s because we fantasize being with a woman who is so desirable, and the such revelations make a mockery of our fantasy.

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    gunnar wrote:
    she looks like she is at best boring. many pretty, but unsufficiently sexy chinese women are like this.

    I have shared this viewpoint for a long time. The standard for beauty seems more like a display piece that is put on a pedestal and admired from a distance but never touched. There is no heat in the furnace. It’s like a fairy tale where the girl looks pretty and gets the guy’s attention, and that’s it. It ends there. I have known some asian girls who really believed their job ended there, and it was up to the guy to romance them from then on without getting anything more in return.

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    Hamburger cookin on the stove can have more appeal than a TBone in the freezer.

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    I have a friend who is married to an extremely attractive model. He is often asked “What is it like to married to such an exceptionally beautiful woman” he asks them to imagine waking up to her everyday. Really think about it for a second!!! Yup. Beauty is common

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    I think most married men at least think about doing it once or twice during their marriage. It’s human nature. Like Agent P said.

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    john smith wrote: Hamburger cookin on the stove can have more appeal than a TBone in the freezer.

    Excellent! Thank you as I’ve never heard that one before. :)

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    As a man, it’s a strange feeling (when you look at things objectively on occasion as you are bound to do) when you are in a dysfunctional relationship with a beautiful woman–because in those moments you are telling yourself the answer to the questions posed in this post. Like The Dean’s quote: when they dish out enough shit, a beautiful woman can become unattractive. This is also why bad relationships often limp along: we’re men, hot is hot (shit or not), and sometimes you just can’t help yourself…