Throwback Thursday – Kei Mizutani as Weather Woman Keiko Nakadai

V-cinema queen Kei Mizutani‘s movie debut as Keiko Nakadai in the 1995 adult comedy Weather Woman, was arguably her signature role. Above we see Kei as Keiko, making her first appearance as the new weather woman at a Tokyo news station. After she raises her skirt to illustrate the depth of a recent snowfall, thus exposing her panties on the air (and bringing back an old memory for her former high school classmate viewing), Keiko becomes an overnight sensation.

As for the now 40-year-old Kei, after Weather Woman, she continued acting throughout the rest of the 90′s but passed on reprising her role as Keiko in the 1996 sequel, Weather Woman Returns. (The role went to Misa Aika, who now resides in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file.) Kei did make an appearance at the 2000 San Diego Comic Con, where Weather Woman made its US premiere, but since then, she pretty much retired from acting, save for a rare occasional part, such as her small role in 2010′s Flower and Snake 3.

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    Now this is a much better and graphical way to illustrate the weather. Keep them coming!