Myo Ling

Tbone is obviously a man of fine taste, because he has found an absolute treasure for us in the form of Myo Ling. Straight to the top of the class for you Sir!

Myo has featured in a recent issue of Dutch Playboy (and has also appeared in Maxim) but doesn’t seem to be a typical Playboy type model to me. She has a fabulous body that looks all natural. She made up the name Myo when people had trouble pronouncing her real name Miranda Josepha, I imagine because of the Dutch accent. As such I am not sure of her ethnicity, but I am sure of the fact that she is damn HOT and nude, and frankly that’s pretty much all that matters, :D

Name: Myo Ling/Miranda Josepha
Birthday: June 3, 1983
Birthplace: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)
Bust: 85 cm (33’5″)
Waist: 60 cm (23’5″)
Hips: 93 cm (36’5″)
Ethnicity: Asian


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  1. Avatar of arf

    She’s like out of this world hot! From another planet. That last shot is just downright WoW!

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I hope Dutch Playboy is a bit more reasonable about the use of their pics than US Playboy—if not I guess I’ll find out soon enough. :)

  3. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    I hope so too. I was a bit dubious about using some pics.

  4. Avatar of Tbone

    Great job Luke! Information on this beauty is hard to come by, and those Playboy pics are several years old. A name to put to the face.

    I’ve read somewhere that she’s Chinese and Japanese, but who knows.

  5. gunnar’s avatar

    now this is a very nice body!
    she doesn’t look japanese at all, even mixed. i guess of she is really mixed, that would be chinese and south east asian.

  6. o'grady’s avatar

    insanely hot! great find, tbone. her nipples alone could talk me into walking down the aisle.

  7. gunnar’s avatar

    but no it says in the croatian link she is japanese and chinese… nvm then

  8. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks gunnar—updated the post.

  9. Avatar of daznlover

    Super hot. Great abs… and nipples! She must be 30 these days.

  10. Avatar of KalifoJin

    What a mountain of fun! Am I gauche? I bet she moves like a westerner.

  11. Avatar of smellykev

    arf wrote:
    She’s like out of this world hot!From another planet.That last shot is just downright WoW!

    I dunno arf. I’ve never really been into the whole piss fetish……

  12. IeatCows’s avatar

    Very nice body…fit and healthy look. Kudos on this post!

  13. John Smith’s avatar

    TBone!!!! Great find

  14. Avatar of arf


    Oh now smellykev…the squat ain’t just for peeing. It’s for the filet show too. Featured on the cooking channel.

  15. Avatar of gooner

    Fantastic woman!

    Full resolution images here guys!

  16. Avatar of wingsfan19


    I’m not sure I’m trusting that site.

  17. Avatar of wingsfan19

    arf wrote:

    Oh now smellykev…the squat ain’t just for peeing.It’s for the filet show too.Featured on the cooking channel.

    It’s the side boob, man. One of the best examples since SHL in her prime.

  18. ProfAbe’s avatar

    Wow, wow, wow. Best photo was the last one, too. Great post!

  19. Avatar of daznlover

    Tbone, in that youtube video, she is bragging for finishing 8th in a Street Fighter 4 tournament.
    I say she’s bragging too much. I mean, common, most of the guys couldn’t maintain focus on the screen, while playing against her. That’s what I call unfair advantage!
    Those dutch got all crazy for playing against a playmate. But that I understand, I would too. :)

  20. Malpaso’s avatar

    The last pic sealed the deal…wow

  21. Master T’s avatar

    I know here TBone, she’s from Indonesian descent, born in the Netherlands, but migrated to another european country.