Cheryl Cherry Choe

Cheryl Cherry Choe, sweet like a Cherry. But mind the tough seed inside!

Originally from Singapore she is now in Perth Australia.

She has an website here and also here.

She does quite a bit of body painting too and is comfortable in and out of clothes. Excellent!

Pop your cherry on Cherry, here.



  1. laowai2003’s avatar

    Pretty girl, but running shoes while on a $6,000 bike??

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    It will be interesting to see the response to this one—as much as I’d like to barrack for an Aussie girl, for me she’s one of the least pretty girls we’ve ever featured, and her body is just average (for an Asian girl). But obviously laowai disagrees, and I’m sure many others will too.

  3. Avatar of Tbone

    A shaved kitty, that counts for something right?

  4. ringking’s avatar

    i agree with doc’s assessment. that 1st pic does not make me want more.

  5. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    Yes, she is a bit plain. But she does seem sweet (as her name implies). Also on her site she does look a bit prettier with some makeup.

  6. Avatar of Beni Snow

    Physically she’s right up my street, although I know wouldn’t be to most guy’s tastes – I would never get tired of a body like that and I love the smooth down below look. Gorgeous breasts… However, physiognomically not the greatest – she reminds me too much of Sandra Oh, which isn’t a great thing for me. And she’s never smiling, maybe if she smiled she would come across better. To be honest, I’m torn, but credit to her as she’s got a hot body (in my book anyway)

  7. Avatar of Luke

    I agree with everything Beni wrote (although I would like some bush) her body is very much the sort I like. She also seems to have good quality and interesting pics, and the website in the link functions well which is rarer than it should be.

  8. John Smith’s avatar

    She is not as beautiful as other sirens featured but she is interesting. If she is trying for the artistic look she has succeeded.

  9. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Cheery, cheeky and charming?

  10. gunnar’s avatar

    i am sorry to say, she is absolutely not my taste at all.

  11. Steve’s avatar

    Nice body, I love the nudes. I find her attractive but many won’t. That “Sandra Oh” face is an acquired taste.

  12. Avatar of MaJieMao

    I think with some good make-up her face would be as hot, as the rest of her is.