Asian Ladies of the Gold Rush

With the 2014 NFL Kickoff Game just under four months away, most of the teams’ cheerleading squads have already held their try-outs and selected the ladies who will be donning the midriff-baring uniforms and entertaining the fans on game day with their spirited dance routines.

As San Francisco is the NFL city with the largest Asian population, it’s a given that the 49ers cheerleaders, know as the Gold Rush, will have Asian ladies representing in the red and gold. One of whom is Airi (above), whose first year as a Gold Rush cheerleader will also be the first season the 49ers will be playing at their new home field, Levi’s Stadium.


Aleena is the “senior” Asian lady on the Gold Rush, who’s in her fifth year with the squad and has just earned her degree in business marketing.


Julie is in her second year with the squad. An accomplished accordion player, she say’s she loves to travel and try new foods. Also looking forward to cheering for the Niners’ at the new stadium, her first year with the Gold Rush was their last year at Candlestick Park.


Also in her second year with the Gold Rush, Mika says in her promo video that she speaks Japanese, but judging from her accent when she speaks English, it’s probably because Japanese is her first language.


Yuri is the other rookie Asian lady on the squad, debuting with the Niners the same year they debut at Levi’s Stadium.


Another look at Airi, who, as she mentioned in her video, had only been in the US for less than two months when she tried out and made the Gold Rush squad for the 2014 season.

All of the returning Gold Rush cheerleaders promo videos can be seen here and the rookie’s videos, here.



  1. Avatar of arf

    Oh MY!….I love Airi. She’s got all the sexy cheerleader moves in that video clip.

  2. Big Red’s avatar

    as a die hard fan of the red and gold this post hits home. gold blooded is a local reference to the company adapt advancers who often has local talent model their clothing. for example, ASHLEY VEE. give her a look.

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    I’m having a difficult time picking a favorite here. I am now officially even more of a Niners fan.

  4. MaJieMao’s avatar

    I think a couple of these girls might make my siren list with better makeup but I can’t say I’m super thrilled about anything I see here.