Angela Fong for Boost Mobile

This currently-running TV commercial for Boost Mobile features Los Angeles-based actress and model Elizabeth Di Prinzio, as a girl getting her purse “snatched” by a do-gooding motorcycle passenger in the form of model and former BC Lions (of the CFL) cheerleader, Angela Fong. Also a former WWE Diva, Angela may be better-know by wrestling fans by her ring name, Savannah.

Of course, the latter’s role in this ad is the reason its being featured here and you can see more of Angela at her Facebook fan page, and catch her on Twitter.

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  1. John Smith’s avatar

    Seems like a good deal 4 g for 35 bucks. Angela seems cute too.
    After watching her wrestle I’m not going to say anything bad.

  2. Avatar of French

    I like her “swimwear” picture. This is actually a funny and historical reference to a very popular TV commercial from the late 1980s for American fast food giant Wendy’s Hamburgers. They made fun of a Soviet fashion show.

    To this day, I see young models use a Russian accent to say “swimwear” and they have no idea why. This is why:

  3. Avatar of wylde8

    Always thought Angela was smoking hot, and have been following her since she left wrestling. She’s always seemed like a cool girl that I’d love to enjoy outdoor activities or hit the gym with.