Annie Yi

Annie Yi Neng Jing has me a bit confused. That’s because according to all sources, this young beauty queen is 44. I just… I don’t know. Even if the photos are old, how old could they be? Some are 5 years old. She still looks 21, not 39. I not understand. Even with heavy photoshopping, I don’t think this is that possible. Let’s just assume that somehow I’m wrong about everything and I’m accidentally posting a different Annie Yi Neng Jing, Taiwanese singer, that happens to show up for every single Google search.

Age: 44
Height: 161 cm
Ethnicity/Nationality: Taiwanese
Located: Taiwan


Are these her??
These are



  1. Avatar of French

    She (they) is (are) hot!!! Taiwanese look, smooth skin, very pretty. But with all the photoshop, and if she has been doing this for 25 years, there would be many photos showing what one would think to be different people.

  2. Avatar of noddle

    Very nice. Is it possible her birth date was translated incorrectly from the ROC calendar which is 11 years behind?

  3. Dan Chapman’s avatar

    Hi. I live in Taiwan. By Taiwan standards she clearly looks in her thirties in most of the photos anyway – then with photo-shopping and the fact she is rich and hot it is entirely acceptable she is in her forties. She was married to a famous singer in Taiwan until accused of an affair and they divorced.

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    It’s just the (massive) Photoshopping, combined with the fact that Taiwanese women do age very well if they look after themselves. The most amazing example I’ve seen is Paulina Hu Wenying—I’ve been meaning to do an article on her for quite some time now. I’ll get to it. :-)

  5. Avatar of taipan

    I like to think the Peta Asia image is pretty close to how she really looks, acknowledging the fact that “smoothing” has obviously been applied to her face and body. But like the Doc notes, she’s been blessed with features that age well over time.

  6. Avatar of mralex714

    That’s fine wine.

  7. MaJieMao’s avatar

    I don’t go for older women, but damn I would make an exception here in a heartbeat. I find it hard to believe these photos are anywhere near her age of 44, they must be old.

  8. Avatar of ......

    Wow – if she is 44 or in her later 30s or whatever, she is incredibly fit. wow again!

  9. john smith’s avatar

    I’m up for Asian MILFS, she is super hot.

  10. Avatar of jackspratt


    Caution if you go to this link, from Dr L above.

    My AV, AVAST, throws up a threat warning on some of the links to the right side of the main blog page e.g. “made in china”, and others.

    Ms Yi is stunning.

  11. Avatar of Luke

    I recognize pic 3, I think I searched her photos to do a post and gave up because I thought all the info I was getting was bogus. Super hot however old. There is a 40 something Thai singer Paula something who is similar in age defying hotness.

  12. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    It is true that the Chinese sites will often have dodgy ads, but I think the blog that I linked to is okay itself (just don’t click on the ads).

  13. gunnar’s avatar

    this woman is definitely at least in her (late) 30s. still hot though. but gunnar prefers younger women (30 at most).

  14. Avatar of French

    Look at us, we are arguing about how old she looks. But all of us agree, no matter the age, she is hot.

    Do you think the gents on the “______-Sirens” websites do that? No, they do not. Only on Asian-Sirens do we question the age- because Asian women generally “age” well and we can’t tell the age.

    Other, non-Asian countries? Man, I can tell you the week they were born…and it ain’t pretty. This chick is “Nancy Kwan” hot.

  15. Avatar of egg

    Maybe she’s like James Bond or Doctor Who and it’s different girls playing the same character…

  16. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Beautiful. Face and figure.

  17. Avatar of daznlover

    Last 2 pics could be near her 40s (skin slightly less perfect).
    The others, I don’t buy it.
    Still, she’s a hottie!