Ornjira Lamwilai อรจิรา แหลมวิไล (Pang)

Ornjira Lamvilai, or Aornjira Lamwilai (nick name Pang)—these Thai names can be confusing. An actress and model, Pang has an extensive list of magazine covers, movie and lakorn roles (Thai soap operas) to her name.

Pang has been in Thai FHM and featured on their various lists of sexiest women. Much of the information about her is from gossip magazines, relating to her love life from before her marriage in 2012. Combined with Google translate, it makes for some mind numbing and confusing reading, so I will spare you the details and cut to the pictures.

Birthday: Feb 14, 1985
Hometown: BKK
Occupation: Actor, Model
Height: 168cm (5’6″)
Weight: 48kg (106lbs)
Measurements: 31-24-36

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  1. gunnar’s avatar

    quite pretty in some of the pics, not so much in the last ones.

    you should specialise in thai women, you seem very good at finding info about them!

  2. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    OMG! I can even tolerate the few small tats, although the tramp stamp sucks!

  3. MaJieMao’s avatar


    I’ll never understand why such near perfect women do tats, thankfully in a few more years technology will make them no longer permanent.

  4. Avatar of fungusfarm

    wow, cute gal in most of the pics. I usually don’t like Thai or Cambodian women. They’re often too dark for my taste. I like this girl though.

    Agree with majiemao.

  5. Bill’s avatar

    Pretty girl. I usually like a smaller bust on a woman but in this case I think she would look better with a slight enhancement, not a lot. Again pretty.

  6. Tbone’s avatar

    Actually I prefer darker Thai women myself, more the north eastern type than the ‘hi-so’ Thai lady featured here.

    Not that she is unattractive, but not to my taste.

  7. Avatar of French

    I find the fact that she looks so different in the photos a nice thing- it’s like you have many different girlfriends at once.

  8. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen


    Some years ago I was at a seminar in SLC. At my table were two women, one in the process of having a tat removed via dermabrasion and the other having one done the next day. ‘Twas an interesting conversation. :)

  9. Avatar of ......

    Pretty girl…

  10. Malpaso’s avatar

    Count me in!

  11. Avatar of daznlover

    Cute but not totally my cup of tea.
    I’m intrigued, is she a he or a she? If she’s a she, then she should be listed as an actress?… ;-)

  12. Avatar of The-Dean

    Yes, tramp stamps are idiotic, but when someone’s this hot they get a pass. Smokin!

  13. Avatar of arf

    Here’s hopin she is an actress. If she is a she, then she is quite lovely.

  14. Teddy’s avatar

    To my eye she looks to be a look khreung (ลูก ครึ่ง) , half Thai and half western stock.

  15. Avatar of longtack

    arf wrote:
    …If she is a she, then she is quite lovely.

    What are you suggesting arf? That ‘she’ might be a ‘he’?
    Whatever, ‘she’ looks stunning – especially in the set of bedside pics above, where she wears that sexy black see through outfit.

  16. tim’s avatar

    Wow sexy nice