Airi Nagasaku PhotobookFounded by American expat Peter Payne, J-List is sort of the Amazon for unique Japanese merchandise. With the tagline “You’ve got a friend in Japan,” J-List carries many things that are sure to be of interest to Asian Sirens readers, such as race queen and gravure idol Airi Nagasaku’s first hardcover photobook. (Cover above)

The prices for the merchandise J-List carries are reasonable to moderate, considering there aren’t a lot of resources outside of Japan for what they offer. In addition to books and DVDs, they carry a variety of adult toys, cast off figures (Battle Vixens’ Housen Ryofu, pictured below, being a personal favorite), and English language eroge, bishōjo, and dating sim material. In other words; good ol’ Japanese hentai galore. They also give “points” for every purchase that can be used for discounts and bonuses.

Housen Ryofu

Described as “a strong bisexual fighter with a very promiscuous personality and a habit for dressing in skimpy outfits,” Battle Vixens’ Housen Ryofu (above) is one of J-List’s most popular cast off figures.


No Brassiere Life of Big Breasts Wife Among the DVDs J-List carries, is a good selection of “kyonyu” stuff, and what would that be without kyonyu icon Hitomi Tanaka. Above is the G-cup darling gracing the cover of No Brassiere Life of Big Breasts Wife [sic]. Some of the Japanese-produced DVDs from J-List are coded for Region 2 (Japan) but that’s clearly detailed in the descriptions.



Not everything J-list offers, they keep in stock indefinitely. An unfortunate case-in-point is the tanned and buxom figure of Anette-san (above), who, was obtainable from J-List as of the writing of this article, but as of this posting, she recently became no longer available from them.

For those just looking for non-adult-oriented Japanese goodies (for whatever reason), there’s J-Box; J-List’s PG-rated companion site, which doesn’t carry the racy items the R-to-borderline-NC-17 J-List does.

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  1. gunnar’s avatar

    you forgot the mention “advertisement” on top of the post ;)

  2. Avatar of Luke

    Nice resource, this stuff is often hard to locate. I’m not sure the Missus would like me putting erotic statues around the house, I would have to displace all her feng shui related crap.

  3. Avatar of arf

    I have a couple figurines like these in my house right now I got while in okinawa. I wouldn’t mind a couple more though.

  4. Avatar of French

    Nice site that puts many things together.

    As for figurines and statues of ALL sizes, the best places (highest quality, low cost) I ever saw were in southern India and in a few towns between Hanoi and Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

    I told some rather well-off friends about the Vietnam place and on their trip to the “Holy Land” they bought a couple of life-sized statues for their backyard.

    I love the way the Japanese present consumer items. Everything is always so well-wrapped and perfectly presented. I was at a match shop (yes, matches!) in Japan once and you would think I was buying a Rolls-Royce the way they treated me and wrapped my purchase.

    If only one of the AV girls could deliver it…