Petra So

Petra So is part-Burmese part-Austrian, all babe!

And is Burma’s fourth most important export, after jade, sapphires and natural gas.

Petra is based in Derby UK, and has done extensive nude modelling all across the web where she sometimes goes under the alias ‘Lily S’. You can find her twitter here, and a few galleries with more photos than you can possibly comprehend: 1, 2, 3, 4

At 1.6 metres (5ft 3in) she’s just so lovely and cute and the sort of lady you can just pop into your pocket!

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  1. Bill’s avatar

    Absolutely beautiful

  2. Avatar of French

    She had me Achtung, Baby!

    Nice breasts.

    Asian beauty, Austrian efficiency- I like.

  3. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Doesn’t have the classic Asian look I prefer, but certainly a lovely lady!

  4. Avatar of wylde8

    This girl is certainly more my style than most girls that have been featured here lately. She nails that perfect blend of cute and sexy in the 3rd pic.

  5. Avatar of longtack


    Um, a couple of the profiles mention she was “born in Myanmar. Austria”.
    Not sure whether this means she is in Austria now, because we are also told (above) that she is based in the UK, in Derby.
    And lol, I doubt she was born in both Myanmar and Austria.
    Maybe it’s a mistake or else someone doesn’t know their geography.

    Myanmar is the name post-colonial Burma has chosen.

    Getting on to Petra So (also Soe) aka Lily S..she has a gorgeous body (nice natural(?) boobs with my favorite kind of nipples), and is very attractive.
    Good run of models on AS lately. Keep it up guys.

  6. Avatar of arf

    Perfect in every which way.

  7. Avatar of meh1001

    Apparently she’s one parent Burmese, one parent Austrian and seems to have lived most (all?) of her life in the UK (She has a flawless British accent: She was a ‘Page 3′ model for a time before moving onto nude photography.

  8. Avatar of French

    WHOA! British accent?!?! How did I miss that?

    She just went up nine points…..(10 points is only awarded to Aussie accents).

  9. Avatar of meh1001

    Oh, her accent sounds a little odd in that video, here’s another one:

    Very British. She has a ‘University’ accent, a little bit posh but with a hint of a local accent which I can’t place. Very nice.

  10. Avatar of pseacraft

    For a Burmese girl she is only So-So for me. I’ll have to listen to that accent though as that can melt a guy for sure! My ex-GF, who was 100% Burmese, was/is incredible. Boy did I screw up letting her go…

  11. Avatar of oigg

    While I bet this girl is hot in person, most of her pics are overly “photoshopped”. When that happens I can’t focus on the girl, it just sticks out too much for me here.

  12. Avatar of Blueseamonster


  13. gunnar’s avatar

    very cute!!

  14. gunnar’s avatar

    looks good in blonde:
    unusual enough to be noticed…

  15. Avatar of The-Dean

    Was this girl featured before? She looks very familiar–not that I’m complaining. This is another girl I find more sexy than beautiful. She works it well.

  16. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Where’s Petra from/We don’t know/But she is/My favorite So/Burma Shave.

  17. woody’s avatar


    Having had the great pleasure of working with Petra on many occasions I can tell yu that she needed far less photoshop work than the majority of models, she is both stunning, intelligent, and a thoroughly lovely woman

  18. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Ha, where were you 8 years ago?