Han Zixuan

Han Zixuan (韩紫萱/韩子萱) is a Chinese model so hot they use her thermal energy to power 25% of the Chinese economy. Fact.

She’s on Weibo!

Here are a few galleries: 1| 2| 3| 4| 5|

Here she is being cute on Youtube and you can find alot more videos on Youko.

She has a really hot look, with a very pretty face and killer body, but for some reason she looks and acts really, really, really pouty. There is just something about her that screams ‘high maintenance’.

But here she in all her high-maintenance, pouty goodness stark naked in some excellent raw body art shots. Oh! There is just something I love about these pouty types getting naked! Phew! I think I’d better to lie down for a bit…



  1. David’s avatar

    Wow! Just about a perfect girl.

  2. Avatar of The-Dean

    I can’t even believe I’m going to type this next sentence.

    I think she looks better with clothes on. She is very pretty and looks great in many pics–and a bit covered in the best of them, I think.

    Pretty face and an incredible ass. But the boob job is odd looking to me. I’m not a big giant boob fan, but I think she would look better with either slightly bigger boobs (done properly this time) or even smaller perky boobs. These just look—wrong for some reason. Maybe it’s just these pictures.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I have to say that I completely agree with you—I find small but fake looking implants to be the worst of both worlds. Go big or go home.

  4. Avatar of French

    Doc and (Bigfoot) Dean: Before I read your comments I was trying to think about what was “different” about her that I did not like- and you stated that.

    I prefer her with clothes on. And is that a western nose I see?

    She looks very nice (and clothed) in some of the galleries….although she does come off as “high-maintenance” to me :)

  5. Avatar of arf

    I like her clothes on and clothes off. I think she’s really sexy. Especially that perfect little butt of hers.

  6. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    She’s like three in a row! Most excellent.

  7. Avatar of Luke

    Yes I agree, I really like the MOKO girls and she is a good one. I think her boobs are designed to be popping out of a bikini or bra. They appear very full on the topside.
    Spot on with the naked high maintenance girls call, it appeals to me as well.

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I think I have to find a good mechanic. I really like her look and for such a thin girl she has a great ass. She seems uncomfortable in FFN poses.

  9. Avatar of smellykev

    My instincts are screaming at me to stay away from this lady or else risk losing my wallet, my house and car, credit cards, most of my mind and several litres of body fluids.

    And yet i just know i‘d be blissfully smiling as it all disappeared……

  10. Avatar of Luke

    actually I think that in those nude shots where she is on the platform the lighting is strong from below which is emphasizing her boobs and making them look weird. I love the opening photo by the way, and Wings her ass is indeed a great one.

  11. gunnar’s avatar

    she was posted by shuai ge on mainland hotties, i believe as the last model before he vanished and the site died out (such a shame, btw). are we going to repost all these gorgeous models he posted there but not here? it’s not like i really disagree though… ;)

  12. Avatar of d8nvn

    smellykev got to agree with you. I saw that first pic and grabbed for my wallet. The 4th pic with the skull is the best T-shirt I have seen in a while. I vote clothed over not. Too much plastic for me. Yep go big.

  13. Avatar of meh1001


    Only when they get completely naked (at least for me, I cant speak for the rest of the writers).

    As I remember mainland hotties generally shied away from full frontal nudity.

  14. Avatar of arf

    I think i’ma have to agree with everyone here…she is pretty delicious looking with her clothes off. ;P

  15. Wushan’s avatar

    The moko stuff just gets the expert airbrushing and PS. Those nude photos never got touched-up.

  16. Avatar of ChinaHapa

    OMG this girl is SUPER high maintenance. If you watch her youtube video, you will understand. Her conditions for a BF:
    *Have several apartments/houses
    *Own a car (expensive car implied)

    She refuses to do the following because these are not things she should be expected to do:
    *Wash Clothes
    *Do any type of cooking whatsoever

    However, as she summarizes: “我除了花钱什么都不会”, which in the context of the video after listing out the things she can’t do is best translated as: “Honestly, the only thing I CAN do is spend money”.

    Oh yea. And if you are “lucky enough” to go out with her and happen to cheat on her, she will find a small knife and cut off your…yea…

    Bros, look past the window dressing and stay away…

  17. gunnar’s avatar

    meh1001, good, looking forward to reading your posts then ;) women don’t need nudity, btw, but it’s even better if you can find some…

  18. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I have to agree that no girl is worth that. It isn’t just the upkeep, but a girl like this clearly has no soul, and has no idea how to really be happy.

  19. gunnar’s avatar

    chinahapa, doc:

    MANY girls are like this in china, where i live.

  20. Avatar of meh1001

    ChinaHapa: Oh, you bet. Super high maintenance. Thats why its all the more greater when she gets her clothes off!

  21. Avatar of Niners

    I feel I will blow up. Really hot.

  22. Avatar of French


    ChinaHapa: Thanks for your opinion on the video…..reminds me of a story. When I was a teenager, my mother worked in real estate and her company’s office had keys to perhaps 40 different fully-furnished condos throughout the area. She had a lot of showings on Sundays so sometimes on Saturday nights (after my own job ended) I would have to stop at several of these condos to make sure they were show ready. Soon, many of my buddies (being apartment-less teenagers themselves) were offering to share the work.

    Basically, I was running a multi-location brothel, lol! My friends would take their girlfriends to “their buddy’s place” (because he’s out of town), and leave the condos in pristine condition (they knew the rules). Word spread in the “girlfriend community” that I was some sort of wealthy dude with a lot of money in real estate (and was always out of town, lol). Soon, every gold digging woman in town from 18 – 25 years old was asking about me.

    By “having” so many apartments, to this day I don’t know if I was being a good son, a good friend, or just a guy running a free brothel.

  23. Avatar of slackerking

    Just okay for me, but why are all the pics so elongated on the blog now? it makes them unpleasant to look at.

  24. Avatar of Luke

    slackerking wrote:
    Just okay for me, but why are all the pics so elongated on the blog now? it makes them unpleasant to look at.


  25. nden'k 96’s avatar