Tahan Lew Fatt

Big Brother has to be one of the worst shows going around. The fact that the mind numbing conversations and histrionics of a house full of morons searching for instant fame can continue to be made into a prime time TV show says a fair bit about modern society. It does however turn up a hottie or two to drag you in…

Upon hearing a former member of my favourite football team was going to be ‘in the house’ I tuned in for the first episode of BB Australia 2013 and saw the gorgeous Tahan Lew Fatt. I watched for 5 mins and was done but a Google search reveals more about her.

The daughter of a Malaysian father and Aboriginal mother (mum, Linda Hedge, won the Miss Congeniality award in Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 1995) she has an interesting look. She is a Darwin girl who has moved to Melbourne to further her modelling career. She wound up representing Victoria in the Miss Universe competition. She seems pretty determined to get her 15 minutes in the spotlight and with her looks I will be happy to watch, well after she leaves the Big Brother house anyway.

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  1. Avatar of noddle

    I thought she was Mediterranean at first glance, then I read this from her sister Monisha:

    “We’ve got a massive mix in us – we’ve got like seven different nationalities,” she said.

    “But my mum and dad are pretty good looking.”

    Another article offers this gem of wisdom from their mother:

    “She taught us how to walk properly, and a few little things, like putting hair spray on your back so your bikini doesn’t ride up your bum,” said Monisha.

    With her and her sister (9 months age difference) both modelling, this is a bonus post. :)

  2. Avatar of Luke

    I’ve noticed these rarely do the girls any favours but here’s an interview

  3. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Not very “Asian”, but lovely, just the same. Picture # 3, on my first glance, reminded me on another favorite exotic lovely of mine, Salma Hayek.

  4. Avatar of fungusfarm

    cute, nice mix.

  5. Avatar of French

    Those Big Brother-type shows usually destroy careers….but hey, it worked out well for hottie Jamie Chung (she was in Hangover II).

    Tahan here is a nice mix. Beautiful eyes.

  6. gunnar’s avatar

    very cute! really, abos in her family? she doesn’t look like it much. doesn’t look like a malaysian either. she just looks like the average southern european from where i’m from. genes play funny tricks sometimes.

  7. Avatar of BakedZiti

    Really beautiful girl, especially from the neck up. She doesn’t look very asian though. As stated above, I would have guessed a Mediterranean ethnicity. I don’t know much about Big Brother, but seems to be a most desperate, ploy for attention. But so many of the girls here could fit that opinion. Definitely the last two girls featured here.

  8. Avatar of arf

    She’s pretty for sure. From Darwin. I had a few crazy nights at the Vic when I was there TDY in the summers of 2002 and 2003.

  9. ka-tet’s avatar


    Yeah couldn’t believe nips were in her family either

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