Danielle Yu

Danielle Yu (Photography: Shaun Alexander)

Danielle Yu, originally from San Francisco and now living in Los Angeles, California, is an 21 years old model that I found at Mayhem (thanks to Curtis). Immediately when I saw her photos I knew she will become a hit in LA. So far she has done some commercials and has worked with just a handfull of photographers (including Shaun Alexander). I'm sure we will see more from her soon!

Danielle Yu (Photography: Shaun Alexander)

Danielle Yu (Photography: Shaun Alexander)

Posted by: thanirz on Dec 28, 05 | 6:46 am | Profile


I just found some older photos of Danielle at BAM Models. I'm afraid it's not the type of girl for Lee ;-)

Posted by: thanirz on Dec 28, 05 | 7:27 am

Why not? She's welcome in my surgery any time. ;-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 28, 05 | 7:35 am

Thanks, Marco—I feel as if I've finally made a contribution. :)

Shortly after finding Danielle online, I saw a familiar face on "Entourage"; I messaged Danielle on MySpace and she confirmed it was her. My screen caps here.

For the record, I hope she stays natural. :)

Posted by: Curtis G. on Dec 28, 05 | 8:15 pm