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Jun Kusanagi

Jun Kusanagi (born June 5, 1978) is a Japanese model and pornographic actress known for being very thin (she is known for her small waist, in particular) yet having naturally large breasts. Her measurements are T166 cm B95 (65-G) W52 H85; or in English measurements, approximately 5'5" 37˝(C)×20˝×33. She has also been known by the names Mizuho Kanou, Narua Asami, and Kirin Junna. Also, her name is sometimes spelled as June Kusanagi.

Probably one of the most popular covers of Asian Sirens was the one with Jun Kusanagi (photography Kim Mizuno). I haven't been in touch with her or her management lately. Does anyone know what happened with her since late 2002?

Posted by: thanirz on Jul 15, 05 | 6:14 am | Profile


Once again, not much. Sachiko translated her diary for me one time, and she expressed disappointment that she felt her career had failed. I think this is due to a combiantion of bad business decisions and the fact that she passed her prime so quickly - I am on record as saying she had the best body in the world (and I still think so), but long ago she moved from being slim and spectacularly shapely to just plain skinny. Such a shame.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jul 15, 05 | 6:36 am

Just found some 'new' photos of Jun at d-photobook but damn, she is becoming older (and partly losing her figure) that's for sure:


Posted by: thanirz on Jul 15, 05 | 12:22 pm

Perhaps God is fair after all: "I will give you the greatest body the world has ever seen but you'll only be able to keep it for a few years." ;-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jul 15, 05 | 9:21 pm

Her figure looks fine to me, but her face looks harder. And she's still well under 30.

Posted by: livu8yp02 on Oct 29, 05 | 12:24 pm

Check out this new model at Tokyo Topless - one of the closest bodies to Jun's I've seen yet:


Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 19, 05 | 6:55 am

Jun Kusanagi comes out of retirement

I'm not sure if the title is translated properly

"Resurrection Of
A Super Idol"

cover & caps

short preview clip
link to short preview clip

Posted by: Zamscan on Jun 19, 06 | 1:19 am

Thanks Zam! Sadly though, her tits haven't grown back to their former glory. :-(

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jun 19, 06 | 1:42 am

Jun Kusanagi's return to JAV this year
she's now around 28 years old

the DVD cover is in the message above

here's one scene from the DVD
video details in screen cap

you need both RAR parts
Link to part 1 76.29 MB
Link to part 2 73.03 MB

Posted by: Zamscan on Jul 02, 06 | 5:35 pm

Yeah nowadays she's in the Mature Ladies genre. A shame really, she used to be so hot. I remember back in the late 90's when I was first drawn to Japanese porn, she was the ideal woman for my perverted mind. :) I lost interest in her many years ago though. My interest disappeared when her "assets" did.

Posted by: holyabdul on Oct 05, 07 | 4:22 am