Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu

Another Asian moviestar that definitely deserves to be mentioned here is Kelly Hu. She was born in 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii of Chinese, Hawaiian, and English ancestry. Her official site doesn't offer a lot of hi-res photo's, but a Google search will get you plenty of great images. And here you'll find a nice gallery also. She posed for Maxim, so you should find some hot photo's.

A little more backround info for those of you too lazy to surf any further ;-)
She was crowned Miss Teen USA in 1985 and ran as Miss Hawaii in 1993. Soon came film and television acting roles. Her first role was in the television series Growing Pains. She later appeared in Tour of Duty, Melrose Place, Murder One and nearly 20 other TV series. Her theatrical motion pictures include The Doors, Surf Ninjas, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, and No Way Back. Her most famous roles to date have been in The Scorpion King and X-Men 2.

Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu

Posted by: Robin Hood on Jul 11, 05 | 9:47 pm | Profile


is she still dating a musician?

Posted by: norikola on Jul 27, 05 | 8:55 pm

I have no idea. Maybe it's time she should update her website with some news! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 19, 05 | 9:09 pm

Kelly Hu has landed on the cover of UNleashed. UNleashed Magazine is a magazine covering urban culture, entertainment, luxury goods, sports, cutting-edge fashion, and news.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 25, 05 | 8:19 am

Kelly is HU-a-rific!

I wonder if she will be in X3?

Posted by: misteramazing on Oct 21, 05 | 2:26 am

The Scorpion King

Posted by: Zamscan on Apr 06, 06 | 12:14 am

hahaha love the last post!

Posted by: Faline Song on Jun 20, 06 | 12:25 am

Well trimmed bush....Hope the Rock is up to the task.....She woke up SherBo's Di Di

Posted by: SherBo on Sep 24, 07 | 1:46 am

one of my faves! she's awesome in x-men II!
she has such perfect teeth!

Posted by: purelica on Dec 23, 07 | 5:52 am