Michelle Nhu


Michelle is one of those models who after seeing one picture, I immediately had her down as "post worthy". Her face is simply stunning.
Michelle has done some great stuff already, particularly with celebrated photographer Ray Trajano. Though IMO she needs to get a decent boob job to really take her modelling to the next level. Also at the moment she's sporting no less than 6 different tattoos, a couple more and she'll start looking like Ruby Renegade or Levy Tran who Candyman featured a while back.
If you think her pictures are good, then try checking out her videos. The energy and sexiness just pour out from her, she's really something.














Michelle Nhu Stats

Born: November 10, 1989
Height: 5'5" / 165cm
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Lives: California

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Posted by: Shuai Ge on Mar 06, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


A pretty Viet girl with very long hair and a fantastic body - in spite of the unfortunate ink (why is it so fashionable these days?), I can't resist that.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Mar 06, 12 | 12:03 am

Perfect 4/10. If I wanted to read something banal, I'd buy a bottle of Absolut vodka. And throw empty bottle away. I don't want to see such script on otherwise hot female body.

Posted by: Nik2 on Mar 06, 12 | 12:57 am

Best pic is #5, black and white face or #14 with white flower laurel wreath, leaning fwd against wall.

Beautiful Face. Great lips. Very low fat with large natural (?) bust? I think she's just genetically gifted.

If she was five inches taller she could make a lot of money, but she's still very pretty.

Floral tattoo on left hip looks like a coverup: old boyfriend's name, He115 Angels, or something.

Right flank tat reads "I believe in angels. Not the kind with wings. No not the kind with halos. The kind that bring you home. When home becomes a strange place"

Posted by: The_Collector on Mar 06, 12 | 1:04 am

She's got a great mane hair.

Posted by: Subic Man on Mar 06, 12 | 1:27 am

while the text may not be to everyone's taste i don't mind the overall look of that tatt, but the rose and the upper arm one (pic 10)are not so good IMO. I love the opening pic, beautiful face, and those boobs are perfect as is to me.

Posted by: Luke72 on Mar 06, 12 | 1:39 am

I have a hunch why that pic is called "The Morning After". It's when she woke up after a big night out and discovered she had 'The Lord's Prayer' (or something like that) tattooed on the side of her chest.
Otherwise, pretty sexy!

Posted by: longtack on Mar 06, 12 | 1:49 am

Really, really cute with beautiful curves, incredible hair and lots of personality. Too bad about the tats...

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Mar 06, 12 | 2:43 am

cute but not amazing with or without the tats

Posted by: ..... on Mar 06, 12 | 2:44 am

Agree with @Subic - hair is amazing. Her nose is a little thick and appears to not be straight. Tats are beyond pathetic. It's one thing to rebel - get one small one. Getting multiple big tats limits one's possibilities.

Posted by: WestCoast on Mar 06, 12 | 8:31 am

Love the "Morning After" pic. Would love to wake up and see her in the morning.

Posted by: wknight on Mar 06, 12 | 8:54 am

Wow, that is some mane on her! Nice lips!

Posted by: pres on Mar 06, 12 | 9:16 am

A beautiful girl with a perfect figure and great legs. Unfortunately, all of those qualities are overshadowed by her tats.

Posted by: David7077 on Mar 06, 12 | 10:02 am

Michelle has that Soft/Sweet/Jessica Alba look with the pouty lips: Delicious!

Her rack looks 'just-right' IMO. The tats are unfortunate,but not near the rejection level. Her beautiful mane is maddening!! SWEET!!

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Mar 06, 12 | 10:14 am

so breath takeing

Posted by: johnnyt on Mar 06, 12 | 11:37 am

I'm really not against Tattoo's but these are not to my taste. She is very pretty though and I like the variety of poses.

Posted by: Basho on Mar 06, 12 | 12:58 pm

she has that cute girl next door look. I agreee she does have that Jessica Alba vibe.

Posted by: Quyen on Mar 06, 12 | 3:08 pm

On the plus side, at least you have something to read while waiting for your testicles to recharge........

It's the first pic however that wows me.

Posted by: kroos on Mar 06, 12 | 6:19 pm

Megan Fox (with similar tattoos) has finally admitted her that her tats are absurd and is painfully going through laser removal treatments, starting with her ridiculous Marilyn Monroe forearm tat. There is hope that this ink trend will stall among models.

Posted by: TivoMan on Mar 06, 12 | 10:25 pm

Yeah, I guess Megan's popularity could be partly responsible for it.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Mar 06, 12 | 11:00 pm

Very nice bust size for how petite she is but I'm a legs/hips/butt guy and she's a bit lacking in that department. I think I'm going to give up complaining about tats since so many beautiful women have them...your skin, not mine.

Posted by: MisterGrimes on Mar 07, 12 | 5:56 am

The tattoos are a real offputter and the hair is just too much. If she has laser removal done and has a trim I'll consider accepting her phone calls.

Posted by: Japanese Girls on Mar 07, 12 | 10:05 am

The long hair gets me every time. And Michelle has a lot going for her...body, eyes, lips. Oozes sexyness, indeed.

Posted by: daznlover on Mar 07, 12 | 11:26 pm

I was going to write about her also when I first saw her on Tumblr, once I had the chance to do so. Tumblr is such an awesome social blogging site.

I'm personally in favor of tattoos, but Michelle could have done without the tats on her arm and ribs. I would prefer not to see women with short stories tattooed on themselves, but I'm not bothered by it. At least Michelle's tats aren't as ridiculous as Megan Fox having Marilyn tattooed on her forearm.

Also, check me out on Tumblr as well as Asian Sirens at the links below.


Posted by: Candyman on Mar 08, 12 | 12:58 am

I'm not surprised you also picked up on her Candyman. Likewise the tattoos don't bother me really.

Getting tats to express your individually really seems very popular right now (at least among the US based models I'm seeing out there). Like anything that becomes popular though, it's only a matter of time before they fall out of fashion.

While we are pluggin our tumblrs, check out the Mainland Hotties ones also:

Posted by: Shuai Ge on Mar 08, 12 | 1:36 am

Another great Vietnamese girl, what a flipping amazing country:) so many beautiful women there or descended from there. I have to admit I don't mind the tats at all here, and in fact kind of like them. The only ones I can't stand are when they do it on their breasts.

Posted by: slackerking on Mar 08, 12 | 4:47 pm

Please, if only models would think, and think and think again before getting tats! Even the most anti-tat among us would probably be okay with a small rose or initials or such on the back of the shoulder or hip, but these excessive tats are ridiculous.

Pretty girl, though.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Mar 09, 12 | 5:24 am

I think a lot of it comes from the fact that a lot of these models are from California or the west coast and they run with the bad boys who all have tats. Tattoos are big here, from the gangsters to the rockers and clubbers to the surfers etc. more people under 30 have them than don't. I'm more surprised when I see someone young without a tattoo than with one.

Posted by: slackerking on Mar 09, 12 | 5:44 pm

I'll take two please. I love her. Hey and daznlover's back in town.

Posted by: arf on Mar 09, 12 | 7:12 pm

The first pic blew me away. Most of the others couldn't match the first, but she's still so sexy. She's got such a nice body that I could look past the tats in this case.

Posted by: wylde8 on Mar 10, 12 | 10:56 pm