Zhiji (枳姬)

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    For (according to some Chinese sites) an Internet celebrity goddess I haven’t found a lot of information. I’m not even sure I know her face. The body looks very nice, but a post about a headless woman would seem odd. In any case here’s what I found. Please forgive the long post.

    Started when I stumbled on this set of an outdoor shooting of a girl in a fishnet: https://dongti2022.com/237130.html (and with another… accessory). It’s in China but a metro sign is obscured. I suspect Guangzhou. No info except a name: Zhiji (枳姬)

    With reverse image search I found an archive, https://nudebird.biz/tag/枳姬/ , with four sets. Judging by the watermarks and the shoes they are indeed of the same woman. In the watermarks I found the @kalataji-kyi and @zhiji1999 handles.

    @kalataji-kyi lead me to https://www.tumbex.com/wsq547977.tumblr/posts?page=7 with a Chinese text about her shoot but no more info. It also leads to a Tumbex account, https://www.tumbex.com/kalataji-kyi.tumblr/posts with a few cosplay pictures that seemed irrelevant but since some pics in the archive border on cosplay I do not dismiss them completely.

    @zhiji1999 leads to an abandoned and emptied Twitter account.

    I searched Google images for zhiji1999, and 网红女神@枳姬 (Internet celebrity Zhiji) and I found more sets and, maybe, a face.





    From the cosplay images on Tumblr I found 菌烨tako and the https://twitter.com/takomayuyi and https://weibo.com/u/6319922675 accounta. All about cosplay, not my thing. I still have doubts but it could be the same girl.

    All in all maybe not publishing material but I wanted to share the fun (and the fishnet pics.)

    Next I may try my luck on her friend heisarah94…

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    With all that work you should be posting!

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    I agree! I would be very happy to give you posting rights so this can be credited to you SM.

    Dr. Lee
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    Thanks. I’m sometimes motivated to do search but I think I’d be bad at editing, so not sure I would make a good use of that opportunity. And for Miss Zhiji what I found doesn’t seem to me good enough for publication…

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