Rosanna Wild

Rosanna is a self-described gym and health freak.

She was a gymnast for 13 years and a ballet dancer for 8 before getting into bodybuilding at the competition level about 5 years ago, although she’s stopped competing and just does the training for herself. Living in Bournemouth, UK, we suspect Rosanna may not be everyone’s cup of tea.



  1. Avatar of DeepSky

    Ms. Rosanna is another one who is my “cup of tea” She’s very pretty, has a great, hard, toned, fit, athletic body and great rich skin tones. The ink doesn’t bother me at all, they appear well done and are of a cohesive design and style, not a few randomly executed miscellaneous tats, like crotch bats or tramp stamps.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more “up top”, I think it would help balance out the rest of her exquisite body.

  2. Avatar of Jubal-Harshaw

    Well I’ve been reading AS for ten years and made donation recently.
    I’d set up a login once before and promptly forgot it.

    Rosanna is stunning, so fit and healthy looking, the ink does not bother me at all, often it is awful.

    AS provides a couple of minutes of happy distraction at lunch time each day.

    Thanks Dr Lee !!

  3. Avatar of Guest Poster

    Juba Harshaw,

    You are welcome, although I must give credit to Romanticwarrior too. :)

    You can do a password reset on your account, or you can contact me and I can do it for you manually.

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I think Toto needs to write a song about her.

  5. Avatar of OMG

    I think it’s fascinating that tastes can be so divergent. She doesn’t do a thing for me even though I can see why many would think her “hot”. I will recognize, however, that she seems to have earned all of her enhancements rather than having them installed surgically. That’s definitely a good thing.

  6. DW’s avatar

    I’m also happy to see a real female form, not a surgeon’s mad rendering of the female shape. …but man, those tattoos. Why?

  7. Avatar of MaJieMao

    The natural body thru hard work is impressive but I can’t do the tats.

  8. V’s avatar

    Tattoos in general are a MINOR turnoff but I like her