Yuni Kianaila (Yunnyikia)

This is Yunnyikia.

Yunny for short. Coming to us from Jakarta, Yunny (born 1992/3/9) seems to be fairly popular as we found several links. What we were surprised (and pleased) to find were a few nudes. Our personal preference with Indonesian sirens are the Bali babes, but we think that Miss Yunny will do just fine.

Model Mayhem



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    My sincere apologies for another day long outage! Our ISP has been fast and reliable since we relaunched AS as a blog back in 2005, but this is totally unacceptable—I am investigating alternative solutions.

  2. Tim’s avatar

    Glad to know that you haven’t disappeared into the depths of the internet. Happy to see you’re okay and it’s nothing more significant than a flaky ISP.

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    Such a relief that you’re back. I’m addicted to this site :D

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    Same here. So glad you’re back!

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    I wouldn’t say no to her