Vivian Lee (viveelee)

Baby, you can drive my car.

Vivian is a global ambassador for Rolls-Royce. We hope she’d be satisfied with our Honda. We clicked around on her Instagram photos hoping for some info, but other than a hypothetical guess that she’s out in LA we came up dry. An attractive siren whose fate is left up to the brethren.



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    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to all Asian Sirens readers!

  2. Bob Cullum’s avatar

    Vivian is a wonderful Christmas treat for everyone! Thanks!

  3. Avatar of Tbone

    Super cute with a great natural body! :)

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    Nice very Nice

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    I like her butt.

  6. muddypig8’s avatar

    Heck, I’ll ride her car/caboose!
    Merry Christmas, folks.

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    Beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah!

  8. Mike’s avatar

    You too, Doc.

    Thanks to you & RW for managing a great site.

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    Outfits are stunning and so is she.

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    Merry Christmas! She is a fine Korean lass.