Koibuchi Momona

Today’s siren was suggested by Woody-Alien.

Momona is a girl with an ample bosom, and we do mean ample. She was headed toward gravure in just the last month or two, but somehow took a quick turn directly into AV. We suspect there won’t be any complaints. Although Woody felt she had a “sweet, positive and motherly personality”, we must admit our thoughts are more base.

DOB: 2000/6/14
Height: 5’2″ (161cm)
Measurements: 40-25-36″ (103-65-92cm)




  1. Avatar of Mkick

    In first pic I could not understand Woody’s rec, but upon further investigation, she is fairly epic in her proportions and beauty. Built for fun but your mother will say “she’s so cute”. If you care what mom thinks. Eventually your father and friends would find the good pics and be all like, hey, I saw this girl online…

  2. Avatar of kemper

    Those are pretty spectacular!

  3. Tim’s avatar

    Clearly, she has the qualifications to mother me.

  4. Avatar of MaJieMao

    She might appear a bit thick in the photos, but I sure she amazing in person.

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Tim wrote:
    Clearly, she has the qualifications to mother me.

    Shouldn’t that be smother?

  6. Avatar of KaliJin

    She looks natural. What a find.