Mae Col

Mae is a request by past poster Travis Stoup.

Formerly known as ‘Queen Kasumi’, she’s just good old Mae now (born 1996/8/2). And she is good. We don’t recall where we saw it, but we believe Mae is Korean. When she’s not modeling out around LA, she’s crafting soaps using completely natural and organic ingredients and scented with pure essential oils. Even their color is natural. If you look at them they look damn near good enough to eat, just like their maker. You can find the link on her Instagram page




  1. Bob Cullum’s avatar

    She is a big YES for me!!

  2. Avatar of arf

    How lovely indeed. She looks clean as a whistle thanks to her soap manufacturing skills.

  3. Avatar of Seoul.Music

    She looks great.

    And don’t forget her twiiter, : this is how I found out that there was such a thing as fin dom: you pay and get nothing but insults.

  4. Avatar of Mkick

    so very very hot.

  5. Avatar of kemper

    Very hot but fell victim to inflatables. The originals looked better.

  6. Avatar of Seems


    She’s very sexy, with great buns and the type of slender figure I gravitate to, but I have to agree with you about the additions.

  7. Avatar of DeepSky

    Beautiful, very hot and a great body. I especially like that she has a more mature look about her, like a woman, and not like the girls that are often featured.

  8. Avatar of MaJieMao

    I’d totally be into her without the tats, with them it’s a pass.

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Very sexy with a fantastic body. The tats are unfortunate, but not a deal breaker for me.

  10. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Seoul Music,

    I happily insult you for free.