We believe this siren’s name is Kim Geung-Jeong.

She spends a good deal of her time on a pole (watch it you dirty guys!). It’s probably strictly for exercise, because she seems to be out and about quite a bit. If you look at the link on her Instagram, she has a page of just pole work. Not too many things hotter than beautiful Korean women spinning around on poles (watch it you dirty guys!).



  1. Avatar of smellykev

    Incredibly hot body, but I strongly believe all South Korean plastic surgeons who specialise in face reconstruction need to be forced-marched over the northern border for execution by anti-aircraft guns.
    Unaltered Korean women are in the whole the hottest and prettiest women on the planet. Post-facial reconstruction surgery however they all look like they come out of an Asian Barbie-doll factory with malfunctioning nose moulds.

  2. Avatar of Seems


    Have to agree with smellykev. She’s obviously very fit but just too unnatural looking for my tastes.

  3. Mr_Mike’s avatar

    Mrs_Mike is a 100% Korean lady, also 100% unadorned by plastic surgery, Botox, etc.

    At the age of 51, she looks like a lovely Korean lady of 51 years (I think she looks 45, but I’m biased).

    I also think Korean women are beautiful, but I agree with the others that the plastic surgery (to say nothing of the makeup and PS’ing) is very unfortunate.

  4. Avatar of jleetechie

    No judgement call until I see her smile.

  5. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Hard one to tell, obviously fit. But the plastic seems overdone I can only truly just s woman like this up close with no makeup