Michiko Nishiwaki

Michiko has had many firsts in her career.

An actress/stunt woman/martial artist/fight choreographer, Michiko (born 1957/11/21) was Japan’s first female powerlifting champion in their first female bodybuilding championship. The road began with her being dissatisfied with her body image and turning to bodybuilding to balance her physical aesthetics.

Playing a bit part in a Japanese film in 1985, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung noticed her, which led to appearances in numerous Hong Kong films. Some of you lads may remember her from Whore and the Policewoman from 1993. She also appeared in some Hollywood films such as Man on the Moon, Blade, Charlie’s Angels and Rush Hour 2. As far as we know she’s been living with her family in California since 2013. Here’s a couple of YouTube links: 1 2, and a link to her in the forum done by rob2322 a while back.



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    I’d let her break it right off.

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    Ha, a Siren who’s (barely) older than me! Bet she still looks great.