Melissa is a healthy example of delicious womanhood.

Possibly Indonesian, from looking at her photos we get that Melissa was a flight attendant around 2015, and before that some kind of dancer in a group around 2013. These days, while looking fabulous, she sells cakes and various products. We’re buying whatever she’s selling.



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    Oh goodness Yes! My psycho ex girlfriend was named Charina and I called her Cha Cha. made me think of her a little.

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    Melissa is fabulous! Beautiful, HOT, great fit body, a little more mature. She clearly doesn’t eat many of the cakes she sells!

    Two top tier sirens in a row!

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    Lol yeah hard to believe she eats any cakes

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    Hard to believe that Melissa has only gotten 5 comments, and 2 of them are mine, and only 7 for Ms. Ming yesterday, one of the best sirens this year. Everyone must be on vacation.

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    Nice arse!