A request by Tbone.

Mr. Bone said, when he suggested Satsuki, that there wasn’t a lot of photos to be had. He was right. An obviously beautiful woman, she unfortunately has fallen, as so many others have, into the cult of filters and Photoshop. We often pass up HH applicants for such a transgression, but seeing as it’s a request and she really is hot, we decided to toss her to the brethren for a thumbs up or thumbs down.




  1. Avatar of Seems

    Well, since you asked RW, she’s a thumbs down for me. Was probably really damned pretty before all the work.

  2. muddypig8’s avatar

    thumbs up on the nice breasts and on the ass. thumbs down on PS and filters. She could do without it.

  3. Avatar of MrJean

    From the first picture she seems to have large areolas, which I like!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Yes. She has had work done. But she is cute so I say a winner.

  5. Dwix1’s avatar

    Via plastic surgery she caucasianized, sort of similar to how Michael Jackson did. It would be weird to erase your physical identity…and sad too. Is that the standard of beauty? To look caucasian?

  6. Avatar of arf

    What a Wonderful beautiful woman.

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I dunno, the work works for me. While I’d prefer her to look less westernized, she’s very cure regardless.