Myra Licerio Golloso (myragolloso)

It didn’t take Myra long.

Working as a bartender at Hooters, Myra realized she needed to hit the gym to enhance her product, so she began working out several times a week but didn’t really know what to do, and was frustrated with the results. She hired an online instructor, learned some proper exercises and before she knew it was addicted. She saw an ad for a competition and went for it. Next thing you know, she’s got numerous titles under her belt and is a certified trainer doing what she loves. Sometimes it all just works out.




  1. Avatar of DeepSky

    Myra is beautiful with an amazing body! And of course spectacular abs. The camera really likes her warm natural looks. Wonderful addition!

  2. Avatar of arf

    Absolutely heavenly like a beautiful superhero who needs to come save me anytime she pleases or feels the need to do so.

  3. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    I would eat my scrambled eggs w/ cheese off that tummy !

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Stephen R Puckett wrote:
    I would eat my scrambled eggs w/ cheese off that tummy !

    I wouldn’t even need the cheese my friend.

  5. Juan the taco taster’s avatar

    Let’s arm wrestle, winner picks the resturant.

  6. Roger Sack’s avatar

    Tattoos and muscles are off putting to me. I prefer this
    divine perfection:馬場-ふみか/
    Here she is nude:

  7. Mark S’s avatar

    Some pics make me want to have a night with her by candle light while we go at it nice and slow. But a few of the other pics would make me worried she would try to break in half if she didn’t get her way.
    Sorry, I like feminine

  8. Avatar of DeepSky

    Mark S wrote:
    … Sorry, I like feminine

    To me a beautiful, fit, toned, physically capable woman like Myra is exactly what it means to be feminine.

  9. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Good for her and falling in love with exercise, wish I could.

  10. Avatar of arf

    back for a fourth or maybe fifth look see….she really is Amazing and so perfectly beautiful.

  11. Dwix1’s avatar

    In the pantheon of tacky tattoos, that thigh tattoo has rank up there. Might as well get a tattoo of dogs playing poker on the other thigh.

  12. deepcall’s avatar

    My kinda girl