Yurika Ohnishi

Yurika is another siren from the old days you’d be hard-pressed to find info on these days.

And, of course, that’s a pity. Other than past poster rob2322’s donation to the forum back in 2017, you’d probably come up dry. Very pretty with a really sweet, lean body topped off with some excellent pillows, Yurika may have made one film foray, 1999′s Virgin Assassin. Although we didn’t see her in any databases (with this name anyway), we believe she had a brief JAV career.

DOB: 1980/2/22
Height: 5’3″ (164cm)
Measurements: 34-22-32″ (86-56-83cm)

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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She’s a cutie with a wonderful body

    Hmm .. it’s the first time since months or years where I don’t really like the last picture (RW’s tribute to the ladies rear end). Neither the bums nor her face expression attract me. Sorry …

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Sensational body! She looks like Jun Kusanagi’s sister.

  3. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I don’t think I’d come up dry at all heh heh.

  4. Avatar of Ricky269

    Nice forested valley.

  5. Avatar of arf

    She looks pretty great to me.

  6. Avatar of MaJieMao

    A lovely body for sure