Helena Chan (thehelenachan)

Helena is a mix of Chinese and Swedish.

Helena Chan Rui Ying is a TV presenter and fashion model, and is best known for representing Hong Kong in the first season of Asia’s Next Top Model. She made it to the top six before getting the boot, due to having a bad temper. She’s appeared in top fashion magazines, Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire among them. She is/was a kindergarten teacher in Hong Kong and is currently putting together her own line of fashion.

DOB: 1989/7/6
Height: 5’7″ (175cm)
Weight: 116lbs (53kg)
Measurements: 33-26-36″ (82-60-91cm)


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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    You better don’t mess up with an angry Honkie lady, but her body is worth a try. No strong Asian vibe though …

  2. Avatar of arf

    She gets a big ol’ WoW! from me. lookin good.

  3. Titus’s avatar

    Parent teacher conferences would be delightful. I might pay my kid to need “extra help” ;)

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    What a gorgeous mix! We’re really on a roll at the moment.

  5. Avatar of QuantumForce

    First picture is an instant “Next!”

    Smokers need not apply. Buh-bye.

  6. Avatar of DeepSky

    Ms. Chan is quite the hottie! Another beautiful mix, but Swedish wouldn’t have been my first guess for the non-Asian half.

  7. Avatar of MaJieMao

    She has a look about her that says bad attitude. Still darn attractive however.