Savi… For the win!

Savi (perhaps Vietnamese?) is from Newport Beach, California and has been living around there all her life. She’s always been into competitive sports, but during her time as an athlete all that mattered to her was her performance. As a result she had muscle where she didn’t want it, as well as more body fat due to poor nutrition. As you can see, she’s turned all that around and today is a certified personal trainer. A beautiful woman, I don’t think you could make Savi stop smiling even if you wanted to.




  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I would have difficulties keeping my hands off her body.

  2. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    She is almost certainly Vietnamese and is certainly beautiful.

  3. Avatar of johnnypreto

    Oh hell yeah !!! That white bikini is perfect for our wedding!!!

  4. Avatar of Pyle

    Holy shit, what a perfect physical specimen. And that smile, just cut my heart out and give it to her.

  5. Avatar of Seems

    I have to admit I wasn’t terribly impressed with the lead pic, but after that things sure heated up fast! That rear would be the perfect end to my day!

  6. Avatar of arf

    WoW WoW WoW and Whoa as well!!! She is absolutely crazy perfect. I’d give her a 10.

  7. Avatar of ssn

    nice teeth with clean packaging. Bravo!

  8. Avatar of IeatCows

    Just the right ‘fit’ for me. …ah hell everything is right!

  9. Avatar of MaJieMao

    If I ever get rich I’m hiring a girl like her to personal train me everyday.

  10. Avatar of Pyle

    Majiemao wrote:
    If I ever get rich I’m hiring a girl like her to personal train me everyday.

    Brilliant on several levels. A trainer like her could get me to work out like no other.

  11. Avatar of wingsfan19


    That awesome smile didn’t impress you?