Yourislandbabes Pt. 2

This is part ll of a three-part homage.

The first part appeared back in November. No need for much jibber jabber, other than to say if ever there was a beach I washed up on, please let it be theirs. I recommend watching the very short video at the bottom of their homepage.




  1. Avatar of arf

    Thank Goodness for their Islands! That’s where I belong ….with them.

  2. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Paradise …
    I’m a lucky bastard, married to a “Borneo-Island-Babe”. Her skin is a bit fairer, but same type of body. It’s difficult to keep my eyes and hands off her

  3. BigD’s avatar

    Would love to retire in Bali. Erzabel is pure perfection, I’m sure she would kill me, but what a way to go!

  4. Keir’s avatar

    who is the girl 3rd pic from the top ?

  5. Avatar of Seems

    It’s like a smorgasbord of deliciousness! Where to begin, and what to save for dessert?!

  6. LoveAsianWomen’s avatar

    I think it is definitely bath time. What a lovely way to clean up.

  7. Avatar of DeepSky

    There are some real beauties there! I love the rich, skin tones, and particularly that last picture!