Sara Maika Tremmel

Let me introduce you to Sara Maika Tremmel.

Sara is from Hawaii and is a Caucasian/Japanese mix. From what I could gather, she’s been modeling since she was a kid and is into fitness. She’s moved on to bigger and better things, namely getting a pilot’s license a year ago last August. Fly the friendly skies with Sara.

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  1. Avatar of Seems

    Dang, what a cutie! She looks like a pint-sized package of fun, and I’m a sucker for those buns!

  2. Avatar of MaJieMao

    A superbabe pilot, beautiful and skilled

  3. Avatar of Sugarbushmadman

    First class seating with a smile.

  4. Avatar of ProfAbe

    Built for pleasure in every way.

  5. Avatar of arf

    Why Yes indeed! she is a winner for sure.

  6. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    Even lying down on her stomach, that booty just *pops*.

  7. Avatar of arf

    TheyCallMeBruce wrote:
    Even lying down on her stomach, that booty just *pops*.

    Like Pop Rocks in my mouth! Snap Crackle PoP!

  8. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    Very nice and sweet girl with a cute smile!