Dang, Elle is hot!

All those other times I said I was in love? Forget them. This time it’s the real deal. Elle is my true soulmate. A devastating body and a beautiful face that shows personality, it’s what’s on the inside that sets her apart. I have no idea what’s on the inside, but it sounds better than just saying I want her devastating body and beautiful face. All I know about Elle is that she is apparently a Viet/French mix (I think) and she’s a model, and that’s enough.

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  1. Avatar of Seems

    She’s an interesting contrast with Flavia. Some implants are done well, others…not so much.

  2. Avatar of ssn

    Great teeth!

  3. BartDP’s avatar

    She is beautiful.

  4. Avatar of DeepSky

    Ms. Dang is devastatingly HOT! What a body, and so beautiful!

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Things that make you say “dang!”

  6. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Viet mix girls are some of the best!

  7. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    Incredible body.

  8. Avatar of arf

    Hot Dang is right!!! it’s almost too much for my senses.