Apple Wang

No news on Apple.

I ran across this photo set of Apple by happenstance. I devoted a few pages in search of some info and all I found was that she is/was a model and actress. And by model I mean she appeared in Playboy Argentina and the Netherlands in April 2013, and parlayed that into appearing in the film, Saving General Yang as ’2nd Lady’ that same year. This might be the only photo shoot that’s out there. Besides the particulars (born 1987/10/29 in Taiwan, 5’3″ (160cm) tall, with measurements of 32A-25-35″ (81-63-89cm), that’s it.

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  1. Avatar of arf

    She is perfectly perfect! Sultry and Yummy.

  2. Avatar of Seems

    Oh yes please! Many of the naked sets either feature bad photography or a lesser quality of model. Neither of these problems is featured here! Love her tight, sexy bod and gorgeous skin tone. Where do I sign up?

  3. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Sex appeal overload! She is fantastic in every possible way!

  4. Masque’s avatar

    Apple Wang?

    She computes.

  5. Avatar of MaJieMao

    The headshot didn’t catch my attention but the rest of the photos sure did!

  6. Roger Sack’s avatar

    Beautiful, but too flat.
    But I would gladly compromise.
    Not that I recommend that she disfigure herself with

  7. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    Hmmm, skinny Taiwanese that’s bald down there ! I approved, in fact I married one very similar with those traits back in ’92 and still married to her.

  8. Avatar of Luke

    Playboy has a pictorial like this every so often that restores my faith briefly, it’s a shame they don’t do it more often.