Amber Abara

I’m not sure about Amber’s ethnicity.

She’s from Honolulu and if I had to guess I would say Indonesian. I’d also say she’s a very attractive woman with a skin tone I personally find extremely appealing. She’s also managed to keep her natural beauty and avoid going along with the trendy tattoos. For that alone immediate consideration for the HH is in order.

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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She’s gorgeous and has a delicious body. Her skin looks incredible, so soft and beautifully tanned. And her bum … I could spend my days just looking at it

  2. Stanley Rutgers’s avatar

    Another Laura Gemseresque possibility for some new Emmanuelle movies

  3. Avatar of Seems

    I second the motion! Her buns alone are worth the price of admission to the HH! An exquisite representative of Asian femininity.

  4. Avatar of arf

    She looks good to me. Especially that last pic.

  5. Avatar of Sugarbushmadman

    I agree with all above, she looks great from every angle. “Emmanuelle visits the expat club” would be a big hit.

  6. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Wouldn’t mind be stuck on a Pacific island with her

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I kept wanting to see more photos.

  8. Tripp’s avatar

    I love the Emmanuelle mentions but if you know the Emmanuelle series you are truly dating yourself. :)