I feel like there’s much more to know about Riona.

Tokyo born, I just feel there’s more to Riona‘s story than meets the eye. Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t peg her as Japanese at first blush. Nothing popped up in the first few pages, so unless one of the brethren wants to dig deeper we’ll have to go with what we know: she likes sports and song, she took rhythmic gymnastics for 9 years, dance for 5 and karate 9. Maybe the fact that besides Japanese she speaks English, French and Portuguese gives us hints to a more diverse background [I think she has to be—adding a mixed tag —the Doc]. I think she’s pretty hot.

DOB: 1997/3/15
Height: 5’4″ (165cm)
Weight: 105lbs (48kg)
Measurements: 35-23-35″ (91-58-89cm)

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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She is indeed VERY hot!

  2. Avatar of DeepSky

    We’ve really had a great run of hot, beautiful, BUSTY sirens for the last few weeks, and Riona is one more. I hope we continue the trend for a while.

    I agree with RW in that I don’t see Riona as Japanese.

  3. Avatar of Tbone

    My guess is that she’s Japanese mixed with some African background based on her features. Very nice looking woman with a sweet set of mammaries.

    By the way, two half Black African/half Japanese women were named overall winner and runner up at the Miss Universe Japan competition held in Japan last month (Aisha Harumi Tochigi and Raimu Kaminashi, the third runner up was Japanese/Filipino mix).

  4. Avatar of Sugarbushmadman

    Red hot!!!

  5. Kinchina’s avatar

    Suspect Japanese Brazilian. Portuguese is a clue.

  6. BigD’s avatar

    I prefer the non calogen pics, her lips are full enough naturally.

  7. Marc’s avatar


    I concur, the overemphasized lips were distracting, and unnecessary.

  8. Avatar of ProfAbe

    She’s amazing. Sexy look, porn star body. The complete package.

  9. Avatar of arf

    I would really love to kiss that juicy smile of hers and bite them juicy lips.

  10. Avatar of wingsfan19


    That’s exactly how I feel.