Phanthila Minarat

MuscleMan requested a little something on Phanthila.

I’m afraid a little is all we get. Her Twitter is protected and her Instagram is private. She appeared recently in Playboy Thailand which, of course, doesn’t give the people what they really want. Certainly an attractive woman, Phanthila isn’t what I personally prefer in a Thai model. To each his own.



  1. Avatar of ProfAbe

    She has some enticing clothing choices. But the bikini in the bathtub made me laugh.

  2. Avatar of arf

    She’s so lanky, limber and sexy as you know what.

  3. Eric’s avatar

    Beautiful photos. especially wearing inner wear

  4. Marc’s avatar

    The pig panties are disturbing.

  5. Avatar of arf


    I like pork. I’ll take pig panties over big panties any day