Nara Kang

Tbone suggested a piece on North Korea defector Nara.

Nara (born 1997/7/9) says she didn’t live in extreme poverty and that her life was relatively easy in North Korea, but she yearned for freedom. She bailed in 2014 or 2015 (depending on which article you read) and joined her birth mother, who had paid someone to lead her on a circuitous route through China, Myanmar, Thailand and finally South Korea. Nara, like other North Korean defectors and particularly women, has an expanding media presence where she tells her story as she acclimates to life in the South. She’s already learned some of the most important things like the international sign for “I’m an Asian girl” and how to pose with your chin resting between your thumb and index finger, but hasn’t grasped yet how to wear a bikini or how not to be so damn proper and wholesome all the time.



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    Looks like a sweet girl. I’m happy that she managed to be free and rejoin her family.

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    Agreeded Woody,
    The Hermit Kingdom is a land of horror. I am aghast when the leader of the free world gives accolades to a despot.

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    She seems nice but, yes, perhaps a little too wholesome for the HH!

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    Cute as a button.

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    What’s wrong with wholesome? :(