Miss Evgeniya/Jen Katten/Jenny Rockwell

I was originally going to take this post down, as we didn’t want to give this woman any more promotion than she deserves, but given her outrageously nasty and unprofessional attitude, I felt it was important that anyone considering working with her should know about this. So I’ve simply taken all of the photos down and left all of the text of the original article as well as all the comments intact, so the reader can make their own judgement.

BTW, if you do want us to take post down for any reason, all you have to do is ask—nicely. Our policy on this is detailed in the Legal link at the top of every page on our site, which sadly nobody ever seems to read.

—The Doc

This is Jen Katten or sometimes Jenny Rockwell.

A lingerie and fitness model who was also a professional aerial performer and dancer, Jen, who is Russian/Korean is currently in Seoul, Korea, which she says is new to her. She has an artistic bent and is looking to meet people with similar interests. If only I was in Korea.

Age: 28
Height: 5’6″ (168cm)
Weight: 124lbs (56kg)
Measurements: 33B-25-34″ (84-64-86cm)

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  1. Avatar of muddypig8

    oh yeah, she’s hot in that “don’t take her home to mom” kind of way.

  2. Avatar of ssn

    Much better…

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Not amongst my favorite sirens personally, we try to provide a wide ranging selection.Something for everyone.

  4. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    Really a lovely lady, very beautiful. VERY FLEXIBLE !!!

  5. Avatar of DeepSky

    As opposed to many Asian women, Ms. Katten looks older than her stated age, but I do think she’s quite sexy in a MILFY sort of way.

  6. Avatar of muddypig8

    That’s the Russian half butting in….

    DeepSky wrote:
    As opposed to many Asian women, Ms. Katten looks older than her stated age, but I do think she’s quite sexy in a MILFY sort of way.

  7. Avatar of arf

    She could dance sexy and MILFY for me every morning, noon and night.

  8. KattenJen’s avatar


    Hello RomanticWarrior. If i really wanted to be popular among incels and creeps I’d make OnlyFans and post article here by myself. If you want to “provide something for everyone” – hire models and do photoshoots instead of STEALING them from ModelMayhem. Or at at least ask them directly. Surprise! Some models just do what they like and not appreciated being fetishized and objectified. attenJen

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Welcome to Asian Sirens. I am the manager and admin.

    1) We are a news and information site, not a model portfolio site.

    2) As such, we don’t ‘steal’ images—we republish them under fair use.

    3) If you don’t want to be ‘fetishised’ or ‘objectified’ as you call it, then you should never have publicly posted images like this on the internet in the first place.

    4) We have featured several models, actors and performers who are infinitely more famous than you are, and who would appear to have far greater class too.

    5) I have only allowed your comment because you are the model—I would never normally allow such an abusive comment. Everyone else has been far more civil.

  10. Avatar of MissEve11

    Fair use doesn’t work like that in South Korea. Here people respect privacy. I posted my photos in site for models. For working purposes,
    Not for being sexualized on “information site” for creeps
    I don’t care if you have several models or “famous people ” You can even feature Blackpink. But if someone doesn’t want to be on your forum and you think this person is abusive – you are bunch of creepes
    Posting photos from personal profile and being butthurted if person isn’t flattered is abusive. Not my fair reaction

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    We actually have featured Blackpink. And we are not subject to Korean laws. Besides, I don’t think the laws there are any different in this regard anyway.

    I see you have asked us to take this post down my email. This is something I wouldn’t normally have any hesitation in doing, but given how outrageously rude and offensive you have been to both RomanticWarrior and our readers in general, I think it’s only fair that you apologise for your abusive comments first if you want our cooperation. We have been very civil with you—it’s high time you were too.

  12. Avatar of MissEve11

    Featured is something what happens with approval of this person. You “posted” Blackpink. You never “Featured” them. Also, you can make en effort and educate yourself. In Korea you wouldn’t be able to “feature” people if they wouldn’t be happy about it. Sadly i don’t see anyone famouse in your “Featured model’s portfolios” and i don’t think boosting own platforms with page like yours make anyone classier. Most I won’t apologize. My reaction is absolutely fair – RomanticWarrior stole photos from my personal page and you don’t want to take it down because it’s kind of petty revenge to make me uncomfortable. But that’s fine, you can keep it – Cooperation with pervs who think women post photos for male attention is never was an option.

  13. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Considering your lack of even the most basic knowledge of how the internet works (publicly posted photos are anything but private, for example), I would hardly consider your opinions on the law to be authoritative. And our featured portfolios section is specifically for up and coming models to gain exposure—those who are already famous obviously don’t need this. Blackpink and many other very famous models, actors and performers have been featured in articles here without taking any offence—it seems you don’t have any idea what ‘featured’ means either. Your over inflated ego is clearly inversely proportional to the size of your intellect.

    I will keep your post up long enough for everyone to see what an unreasonable and hateful attitude you have, and then I will take it down. That’s because unlike you I am a professional, and you clearly don’t deserve to be on our site anyway.

  14. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I don’t want to appear to be piling on but I will address your post and your private messages to me here and hopefully won’t hear from you ever again. Please.
    If we took the trouble to try and contact – and wait for – a response from every person we post this train would never leave the station. It isn’t feasible. As for “stealing” Korea has laws very similar to the US Fair Use Doctrine. You’d be better served if you investigated this rather than revealing yourself to be a hateful ignoramus. Neither I nor our readers are “virgins, incels and american creeps”, we have readers from all over the world. But now you begin to reveal yourself. There’s something going on with you that would cause such a reaction over four sentences of commentary. The only thing that was incorrect in those four sentences and which seems to have gotten to you for some reason is I said “was also a professional aerial performer…” You have informed me that “I am an aerialist ( NOT EX AERILIST).” As I stated to you in my response to your PM I would have been glad to correct that and certainly no slight was intended. You went on to say you were looking for gigs “Not attention of white colonizers with prostatitis. I’m not flattered to be objectified and sexualized by fetishists.” A woman who poses in bedroom clothing or hangs upside down from the pole in skimpy outfits is not flattered to be objectified or sexualized by fetishists. Got it. I’m sure that would never happen without you appearing here. As for your claim no Korean woman would welcome or desire me I submit to you that, thank God, you are not all Korean women. Or even half of “half” Korean women. So, I responded to your first PM in a conciliatory manner and in your return response you seemed to take great offense that I had said you are not my cup of tea. Clearly this got to you. As I said to you it shouldn’t bother you as I am sure I would not be your cup of tea either. I think your overinflated sense of self can’t handle not being attractive to all. Far beyond your looks it’s your personality speaking from your words that makes you hideous. So, you went back to the “shitty article”, again, all four sentences of it (which probably helped get your dander up as it’s only four sentences and you must think you deserve more) and went on about how “ this post isn’t flattering at all – being on the site for white people who fetishizing asian woman…” and again showed your lack of knowledge on law and how I’m a thief and a creep and I don’t respect women and how I’m just “another white douche who thinks his attention is honorable, legal and precious”. More revealing of your true self. That wasn’t enough to get it out of your system though as you had to send another PM telling me I’m a “Douche” and had “ colonizer’ culture even if you didn’t colonized anything” and to “ Stay delusional. Anyway I didn’t hoped to get apology from creep with huge ego and small penis.” Here’s the thing, I don’t have the power to scrub posts. I’m not the owner or administrator of the site. What you could have done is merely messaged me (and I would pass it on) or Dr. Lee and asked politely if the post could be taken down with no reason given and it would almost certainly would be. Instead you show yourself to be an ignorant, insulting, hypocritical racist. As I said, you aren’t my cup of tea. That was based on the physical aspects and all of us make that determination when we see someone. It doesn’t mean anything more negative than the person simply isn’t physically appealing to us. The strange thing about people is after meeting someone who you initially found not physically attractive, you find they have a wonderful personality and your opinion changes. With you, however, I find you more hideous than I could have imagined. Dr. Lee will take down your post in due time. This site is for attractive, talented women not hideous, abusive racists. Have a nice day.