Mara Smith (marasmithhhh)

I don’t think that Asian jumps right out at you.

Mara is a Filipina/African-American mix. Her mom is the Philippines representative in that gene pool, and I take from her accent and ability to speak Tagalong that she grew up there. She’s an attractive woman and when told she’s half Filipina I think the Asian part is more recognizable. There was some talk of her competing in the Ms. Philippines pageant and possibly on to Miss Universe. She was on the wrong end of a Twitter storm last year when she didn’t go along with the politically correct answer regarding transexuals competing in Miss Universe and tweeted about it. She has been re-educated, offered up the required apology and now tows the ‘correct’ line.


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    The Asian-ness is subtle, but it’s there, and she’s pretty damned attractive, so certainly wouldn’t say no to her!

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    She looks hot, she looks funny, she looks playful … she looks awesome!

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    She’s great, would love to see those little brown mice peek out a little more.

  5. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    A Blasian extra heavy on the Bla for sure. Not ugly but even w/ asian style eye makeup in some pics…not much Asian. Large hips, ass navel…welllll like I said extra heavy on the Bla.

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    Utterly stunning, what a beautiful woman!

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    The Asian isn’t always apparent, but the beauty always is.

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    She’s quite special. Blasians are rare to begin with, but you especially don’t usually come by Filipina Blasians as Filipinas usually have kids with White guys because they don’t like their ethnic features and naturally dark skin.