Kira Liu (kiraliu_ )

This is Keira.

And that’s all it is—I gave up after finding zip five pages into searching. We have a bit of video of her strutting her stuff, and there’s an interview she does on a podcast called King Bing that I hoped to glean some info from. but it’s done in Chinese. We’ll have to rely on the photos to speak to us and what they say is… Kira is pretty damn cute.



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    Her look is…interesting, but that tight, sexy bod and pretty face have me drooling for more. Definitely a yes for me!

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    She has a “different” style but also a beautiful body. By the way, I’m confused with her boob size

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    #11 (popsicle) and #15 (temple) look like Southeast Asia to me – maybe Thailand or Myanmar (probably Thailand). So, I was confused about the video because it reminded me A LOT of People’s Park in Shanghai – the pond and the umbrella tables made me think of a gallery/restaurant that was popllular when I lived there 10 years ago. But Shanghai seemed so far from the earlier photos.

    So I looked up the photographer, OJM, and found his shot with her:

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    The restaurant is called Barbarossa and it seems it is still there

    Here is Kira’s YouTube channel, although it seems to have only one video at this time – her visit to Thailand last January 2020

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    I find her very sexy indeed: her face is striking, and her body is fantastic, plus her posing is exceptional.

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    I’ve seen the lovely AceZoey315 posed in front of that same Girls Girls Girls sign I think…

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    What have I got to do to wake up next to her?

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    V wrote:
    What have I got to do to wake up next to her?

    Wait for the effect of the chloroform to be over

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    ChickenEssence wrote: Wait for the effect of the chloroform to be over

    She’d chloroform him?