Linda Chan (Linstahh)

I think Linda is a real cutie.

Linda is, I believe, a dental hygienist on Oahu. I would think with a name like Chan her heritage would be Chinese, so that’s what we’ll go with. I think she’s super cute with an excellent slim figure. She has a great smile and seems to emit good vibes. It’s hard to believe she has a kid who’s old enough to bike to school. I think she certainly needs to be in the MILF wing of the HH.



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    Initially I thought “too thin”, given I generally like plenty of curves. But because she has an INCREDIBLY tiny waist to very healthy hips/ass ratio, she has AMAZING curves.

    Chinese girls with bodies like these are exceedingly rare; like Kobe Tai.

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    I would even adopt the kid if that’s what it takes to sleep down every night and wake up every morning beside her

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    She’s pretty much my perfect type. Slender, sexy, and a cute, round derriere. A guy can dream!

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    I’d be surprised if she had a kid; I scoured her IG and found no mention, and then her Twitter and she RETWEETED a story referencing a child biking to and from school, but no reference/pics of said child. Further, given her other social pics and her peers, I doubt she’s much older than 21.

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    she really is everything you would ever want and need in a girlfriend/significant other. I’d never have a bad day ever if I was with her

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    That’s basically my sentiment as well.

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    A slender sweet goddess, this woman will not GET FAT as she ages, she might eventually enter a Normal BMI at the worse. So refreshing. Reminds me of my wife ( Chinese who ran between 89 – 100 pounds most of our marriage, she is 5’3″ tall ) now in the fullness of time she has ballooned to 112 pounds :D , how sad am I ?

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    Stephen R Puckett,

    yeah she’s a hot little porker alright

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    The opening pic is awesome and the rest certainly did nothing to let me down. What a gorgeous lady. I would have guessed she was early 20’s too.