Febryala Walekwate

Febryala is from the Solomon Islands.

She calls Brisbane home these days. In her early 20s, Febryala likes to sing and has an ethnicity that includes Kiribati and Melanesian (which both come from Oceania I believe), plus Chinese with a little Caucasian. What I particularly like about her is that she appears to be a healthy girl, bordering on the true definition of ‘thick’, not the euphemism for fat that is bandied about these days. Febryala is an attractive, exotic creature.

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  1. Balgor’s avatar

    Love the cocoa skin!

  2. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Great curves!

  3. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    She has large breasts.

  4. Avatar of DeepSky

    There’s something really appealing about Ms. Walekwate. Great curves, beautiful dark skin tones, and a deep subtle beauty.

  5. Avatar of abrasive

    The best by a huge mile for a LONG time on this site. More of this please.

  6. Farmguy’s avatar

    Attractive girl with a smashing bod. I can see it now, mass protest in the streets (BBM)
    Bare boobs matter

  7. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    I did not know any girl of these ethnicities, and I must say that she’s quite beautiful! She just needs to smile a little more.

  8. Toma Lee’s avatar

    She is not thick…she is just not twiggy. Her blend is a near perfect mix.