Tori Son

Tori Son is a Russian glamour model. I think.

Whatever she is, one thing’s for sure: Tori (Viktoria) is super hot. Born in the Russian Federation, we throw her into the mix as a change of pace and to cleanse the palate, shock some of the brethren and leave others wondering: “uh…uh… Is Russia in Asia?” We think she’s beautiful. Again we refer to the song lyric, Tori, come and keep your comrade warm.

DOB: 1995/2/17
Height: 5’9″ (174cm)
Measurements: 33-23-34″ (84-58-86cm)




  1. Avatar of DeepSky

    Ms. Son is beautiful and Super Hot! I love her dark tan skin and the image of her in the blue bikini in the outdoor shower, and the sandy beach shots (the shot with her at the chalk board is pretty exceptional also).

  2. bob’s avatar

    Wow! She has me firing on all cylinders. More like her. More of her. She definitely qualifies as an Asian Siren. Well done! Today Romanticwarrior lived up to his motto:

    “I swear, by thee I swear, Asian women I find the most fair.”

  3. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She is absolutely stunning!

  4. Avatar of Tbone

    Definitely got some Asian in her!

  5. Bas’s avatar


  6. Avatar of Luke

    Yeah she is incredibly hot. Are you sure the pic with the towel on her head is her? Looks different to me.

  7. lurker’s avatar

    if “son” is her real surname it indicates partial korean ancestry, i would guess half based on her looks.
    look up “koryo saram”.

    the girl with the towel on her head is definitely not her. the eyes have a completely different shape, are bigger, and that girl has no mole on her chin.

    very sexy and delicious looking body…

  8. Avatar of ChickenEssence


    Don’t look at her face, look at her ass …

  9. Avatar of budweiser

    Wow perfect ,and what an ass, what everything, sure whould like to be on lock down with here.

  10. slipped’s avatar

    O to be a red headed woodpecker for just that one moment.

  11. Avatar of redlaw appears to be her instagram, or at least a nice collection of beautiful photos of her.

    @tori.son is another but it is private

  12. Avatar of Denver11

    I’ve followed her for a while on instagram, She now lives in Vancover, Canada and has gotten married. Changed her name on there to @tori.nova after her wedding. She does not model anymore.

  13. David’s avatar

    She’s hot. Glad to see more pics of her. I have only seen a few of those

  14. Avatar of wingsfan19

    My balalaikas are ringing out!

  15. Avatar of tiger

    From Russia, with love……
    indeed. :lol:

  16. ungaa’s avatar

    Actually she’s from Bishkek. Moved to Moscow at 16. Has been living in Canada for the last 4 years…