Unchan Vasana Sriphool

Vasana is a beautiful request by deepsky.

Really beautiful.

Vasana (born 1994) is almost certainly a mix, although I couldn’t find any info on her ethnic background. Living and modeling in Hong Kong now, Bangkok is her hometown. She’s associated with Playboy but in some cruel trick, some horrible travesty I find no nudes. That’s a terrible, terrible thing.

She’s really beautiful.

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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    We need to find those nudes! She is absolutely gorgeous, yummy, crunchy, sexy, hot and many more things. Thanks for the awesome post to start the weekend!

  2. Avatar of DeepSky

    Ms. Sriphool is simply beautiful! Not much more needs to be said! She’s one of my favorites; thank you for featuring her.

  3. Avatar of Luke

    Hell yeah! Top shelf. The work she’s had is done well.

  4. Bob Cullum’s avatar

    This lady is amazingly beautiful. It is a shame that her bust is way too big.

  5. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Bob Cullum,

    Is that even possible? ;)

    I think her boobs are sensational, and everything else too. Looks like she has a nice personality as well. Doc approved™

  6. ThorZien’s avatar

    Oh the horror… no nudes. What a calamity.

  7. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Dr. Lee,
    Her boobs aren’t too big… everyone is too small.

  8. Avatar of PerthMike

    *Picks jaw up from off the ground*
    *Wipes drool from chin*
    Just when I think I’ve seen such incredible beauty on this site that can’t be topped…..
    I offer my apologies to this young lady because I have just been staring at her photos for way too long. In a weird way, not having nudes of her makes her even more sexy. The mystery aspect.
    Thank you for bringing her to our attention

  9. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Dr. Lee,

    Her boobs deserve care, attention and love. I volunteer!

  10. Avatar of arf


    exactly…her boobs have feelings too. beautiful feelings

  11. Stephen’s avatar

    I like her face more than anything! it’s awesome to find a cute girl and not having to look down you know!

  12. Avatar of Seems

    Bob Cullum wrote:
    This lady is amazingly beautiful. It is a shame that her bust is way too big.

    Agreed. She’s gorgeous, but I would have loved to have seen her unenhanced.

  13. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Did anybody mention that she’s beautiful? :D

  14. Avatar of LoveAsianTits

    She is fantastic. There must be nudes out there somewhere!!

  15. BartDP’s avatar

    I follow her for a long time, she is amazing in everything she does. She had a boyfriend from Denmark but I think its finished. Her friends are also beautiful.