Tianna Lynnm

Well, hmmmmm…

This is Tianna Lynnm (nickname Tokes). a 19-year-old model of some sort born in Phnom Penh and living in Providence, Rhode Island.

For the monthly fee of $49.99, I’m guessing you get to see more up close and personal stuff on her OnlyFans page.

Beyond the photographic magic performed on her Instagram pics, I must say not my cup of tea. It’s a strictly personal thing but nothing puts a hurt on my soul like Asian women who want to look and talk like they belong in a rap video. Generally this is not a post I would do, but Cambodian sirens aren’t as easy to come by as some of their sisters. I’m sure there will be some of the brethren who are more approving.




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  2. LustyScribe’s avatar

    Nuh-uh. Between the ridiculous eyelashes & the just overdoneness of it all…nope.

  3. av’s avatar

    Definitely a BIG no!

  4. Avatar of Seems

    Just no, on so many levels!

  5. elmer’s avatar

    Very cute face and very sexy body! :D
    She reminds me of a black girl I liked back in school.

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Although her style is totally not my usual type, there’s just no getting around the fact that she has a very cute and pretty face with fabulously long, silky hair and an ultra curvaceous, super sexy body, plus she really shows it off by seriously pushing the boundaries of ‘implied’ nudity. You can leave her to me guys—I think she’s sexy as hell!

  7. Avatar of Luke

    I used to work with the most beautiful Cambodian girl who was gorgeous but heavy set from the waist down. I regret not trying harder to close the deal. Tianna is damn sexy!

  8. Avatar of PerthMike

    Cute face and beautiful boobs. For me, though, nipple piercing is a turn off.
    A little too curvaceous on her lower half for me but some photos are angled well :)

  9. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    OMG ! 6″ waist line and 60″ chest and hips !!!!

  10. Avatar of Seems

    Dr. Lee,

    She’s all yours for the low, low price of $49.99/month! Order now while (makeup) supplies last!

  11. clive’s avatar

    she looks like a lot of fun but 50 clams a month, to rich for me, maybe if she had a one day special in the park on the Fourth of July .

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Rather overdone everywhere, but very pretty.

  13. kangdawei’s avatar

    Not today

  14. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I admit i like the picture in the water with her nipples covered – she has a fantastic pair of boobs! I still say nope to her, but i wish she could go back in time or reset herself and evolve without the tattoos, the over-dimensioned hips and so …

  15. Avatar of DeepSky

    The makeup and “look” are not the aesthetic that I particularly like, but she for sure has one hot, curvy, sexy body.

  16. investone’s avatar

    You all are BUGGIN. The yams is all that. I just don’t know why you men want bone. Yeah the tats is not helpful, but God D white dudes confuse me.

  17. Jimmy Dale’s avatar

    Yeah there’s a ton of unnecessary Photoshop going on in the pics but in the videos she fine as hell and the hips look normal.

  18. Hugo Alsace’s avatar

    She is so hot. Don’t know why so many of you think otherwise

  19. Rock Hard’s avatar

    She is the most beautiful Asian woman I ever seen. She is a living dose of Viagra I could never get enough of. Everything about her is perfect. $50 is way too much for an onlyfans page unless people are able to watch her eat a girlfriend out or take my D all night long.