Margot Chapman

Time to buckle up for a trip in the way back time machine.

I lurched into a video while diddling around on YouTube that reminded me of the halcyon days of my youth.

Margot (born 1957/9/7) was a member of (and I’m sure among the brethren at least Wings will remember this, especially with his taste in music) the super heavy rock group The StarLand Vocal Band. In 1976 they exploded on the scene with the massive hit Afternoon Delight, which garnered them a couple of Grammy Awards and a TV variety show.

There’s not much biographical information on Margot. All signs point to her being a Filipina born in Honolulu. After the end of the band she worked in a law firm and was involved in a serious auto accident a decade or so ago, although she seems to have fully recovered.

Back in the day it couldn’t get much better than to have a hot Asian chick who could sing. Still is I reckon. Afternoon, late morning, mid evening. dead of night, any old time would have been great with Margot. Delight indeed.



  1. Avatar of arf

    She’s such a beautiful woman.. and this song is always one that takes me way back to my childhood days growing up hearing this style music on tv and the radio back in the day. It would have been some of the very best afternoons spent with her I could just imagine

  2. Avatar of Moscow-Man

    Nice post. More trips in the Way Back Machine please!

  3. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Hahahahahaha! Although if I’d chanced upon Margot singing this song, I would have liked it much better. As it was, I was stuck working in a restaurant kitchen with only an AM and as such was subjected to a lot of soft “rock,” which always made me want to crank up Sabbath of Zeppelin to 11 when I got home.

  4. Kangdawei’s avatar

    First concert I ever attended. SLVB warming up for John Denver. For a 14 year old, she was one for the memory filing cabinet.

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    My first concert was Johnny Winter, not nearly as good looking as Margot but much better music.