Risa Kasumi かすみりさ

Risa Kasumi was a member of the Ebisu Muscats…

…Which was a Japanese pop group that rotated through members mostly made up from gravure and AV idols. Pretty damn good idea if you ask me.

She then moved into acting and has appeared in movies like Big Tits Zombie, which again sounds like one zombie film that I might be interested to watch.

Risa looks very familiar to me but doesn’t seem to have appeared in her own post as far as I can tell, and as she is so gorgeous I’m sure you won’t mind either way. :)

Risa Kasumi かすみりさ
Ethnicity: Japanese
Birth Date: May 31, 1984
Born: Hokkaidō: Japan
Occuption: Actor
Blood-Type: O
Sign: Gemini
Height: 170cm (5’7″)
Measurements: 35E-23-33cm
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown



  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She’s both cute and hot, a very appealing combination

  2. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    1. Ebisu Muscats
    2. The Beatles
    3 Whomever else you like.

    She’s gorgeous.

  3. Avatar of Seems

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve commented on implants, but those are terrible. They look like misshapen blobs with nipples pointing in the wrong direction. It’s a pity, becuase her face is fairly pretty.

  4. Avatar of Luke


    I reckon they look good

  5. gunnar’s avatar

    oh risa… hard to believe she was never posted before

    very good body, and quite tall… one of the best in her day

  6. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    Very, very lovely in the best possible JAV style.

  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Very cute with a fantastic body.

  8. Avatar of DeepSky

    I’m generally not a fan of the Japanese sirens featured, but I’ll make an exception for Risa. She’s pretty with a more toned body than many of the Japanese models, and she isn’t going for that anime look so many of them seem to go for.

  9. Avatar of arf

    well goodness Yes! she’s a Yay for me

  10. Avatar of Tbone

    Is this her? Looks like her


  11. assman’s avatar

    I believe this is a video of her photo shoot..


  12. BigWhisker’s avatar

    That is one rockin’ hot Asian bod….she has the full package bush, boobs, butt combo!

  13. Eric’s avatar

    beautiful, sexy. the skin is very attractive